Wolfgang Industries WonderCon 2023 Exclusives

Wolfgang Industries (also known as artist EL.ILUSIONISTA) had one of the most exciting offerings of San Diego Comic-Con las year — a set of three Peter Parkers and their Spider-Man counterparts, in lenticular form.

For WonderCon Anaheim 2023, they have more tricks up their sleeves at Booth #2256, with a new stock of the “3 Peters” lenticulars. It’s limited to 150 pieces, and you can pre-order it now for pick-up at the con for $80.

Up next, you can pick up his The Last of Us fan art 11″x14″ luster board print now for $25, a discounted price from the regular $35. It’s limited to 50 pieces, and you can pre-order it for shipping, or try your hand at the limited quantities at the show.

And finally, there’s a “Chainsawman POV” 36″ x 12″ Metal Print, made with 3mm white aluminum composite in a beautiful white matte finish. It’s also limited to 50 pieces, and available for pre-sale and pick-up at WonderCon online for $85.

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