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WonderPost 2023: Taracosm, Spoke Art, KRS Comics, Daniel Warren Johnson

Welcome to a SUPER sized issue of WonderPost 2023. The last 24 hours have been ridiculous with announcement and information (a Yesterdays pin for Last of Us? Are you kidding me? A Cryptozoic Mothman Cryptid? You’re joking!) But we’re hoping that you’re not full yet because we have exclusives galore, original art, commission opportunities and even some signings. It’s a feast and half, folks. Pull up a seat at the table!

Let’s take a look at the new you might have missed:

  • Storm King Productions will be setting up camp at booth #1019 with a wide array of their popular publications. You’ll be able to find copies of John Carpenters Tales for a HalloweeNight vol 1 – 5 box set signed by the legendary John Carpenter, Night Terrors: The Coffin Road paperback and The Grimms Town Terror Tales CGC Signature Series 9.8, signed by John Carpenter, Sandy King and Neo Edmund.
  • They will be plenty to see at Deryl Skelton’s Artist Alley booth, #B-54. Head over to see his prints including a Stan Lee Tribute, and a clever Walking Dead / Barney Fife parody.
  • 7 Bucks a Pop has rounded out their WonderCon announcements with more stellar voice actors including:
    • Catero Alain Colbert (Naruto: Shippuden)
    • Michael Yurchak (Super Troopers 2)
    • Kyle Hebert (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
    • Neil Kaplan (Digimon)
    • Ian James Corlett (Dragon Ball Z 1996).
  • Oh Captain(s), My Captain(s)! You don’t have to pick which one you love more with this Hand Crafted Geekdom Captain America and Captain Carter print, available at booth #F-22.
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  • Bi-costal art gallery, Spoke Art is teasing us with just a sliver of the new prints that they will be bringing to WonderCon. Starting with Django Unchained by Josh Budich as well as a “spirited” print by Andrew Kolb, which will feature a variant. Bring a nice sturdy poster tube because Spoke Art will have these and many more prints over at booth #1109.

  • Have  you been entranced/captivated/heartbroken/insert all emotions by HBO’s The Last of Us? Yup, yup, same here. And same for Patrick Ballesteros, who is working on something very cool for WonderCon.

  • WonderCon attendees looking to break into either the gaming industry or the comic book industry will certainly want to take advantage of the Gaming Creator Connection or the Comic Creator Connection. Both events will be taking place Room 204C of Anaheim Convention Center, with Comics on Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25 from 7:00-9:00pm and Gaming on Saturday from 2:00pm – 4:00pm. 
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  • Are you packing good footwear for WonderCon? You might want to consider it when you see these gorgeous original pieces that will be at the booth of Taracosm, #C-45. We are not advocating running in the exhibit hall, but a swift, brisk walk is advised.
  • Felix Comic Art, who handles all the original art for artist Daniel Warren Johnson, has announced that WonderCon attendees will have a chance to purchase 4″ x 6″ commissions during the show. Visit their booth in the morning for a timed ticket, then come back to watch Johnson create your sketch live!

  • Are you pro-Peeps or anti-Peeps? Either way, these sweet treats are also sweet little brooches, made by artist Nan Hockin. Nan will have them and other goodies at her booth, #C-38
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  • And lastly today, online comic retailer KRS Comics is bringing the heat with an amazing selection of variant covers from artist Will Jack, Jenny Frison and Lobos. Booth #801 is the place to find them.

If you have yet to get tickets to WonderCon 2023, there is still time

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

And if you have missed any of our previous WonderPosts, you can find them here.

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