REPORT: Marvel Series ‘Echo’ Heading for San Diego Comic-Con?

It was the promise heard round the world — or at least around Hall H. Last year at the end of Marvel Studios’ panel, Kevin Feige said he looked forward “to seeing you next year”. The implication was clear, that Marvel would be back again in 2023.

And now we have our first sign that that’s exactly what’s going to happen. 

Alaqua Cox, who was introduced as Maya Lopez in Hawkeye, will be getting her own Marvel spinoff series this November, Echo. It follows the deaf Native American as she returns to her hometown in Oklahoma and comes to terms with her past, her roots, and her ability to perfectly copy another person’s movements.

Today, Cox was asked about if she will be appearing at any Comic Cons, and her reply included San Diego Comic-Con — on Saturday, July 22 specifically. And when is Marvel Studios’ big Hall H panel, which typically comprises teases and sneak peeks of Marvel’s upcoming projects across film and television? Why, Saturday nights, of course. 

Granted, it’s entirely possible that Cox will be appearing for something else — but it’s certainly looking like Feige is going to keep his promise.

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