Under the Tents 2023: Eggdrop Ramen, Little Friends of Printmaking, Mouse Guard

As you may have noticed, the news is definitely starting to pick up. So busy, in fact, that we’re not going to waste too much time on this intro, and get back to writing the rest of the news. This morning, we’ve got lots of updates for you, including commissions from fan favorite Eggdrop Ramen, new artwork from Mouse Guard and Spider-Man aficionado Ethan Castillo, and so much more.

Let’s take a look at the news you didn’t sleep through:

  • Artist Henry Liao has been busy prepping for San Diego Comic-Con, with new prints, pre-con commissions, and more. Stop by Booth #FF-17 and say hi (and it might not be too late to get on Henry’s commissions list!).

  • Little Friends of Printmaking are always a must-stop on the exhibit floor for us, and you’ll want to add Booth #2046 to your own list to grab this new “Records” sweatshirt, which will be debuting at the con. Looks like a hit to us.
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  • Mouse Guard creator David Peterson gave fans a sneak peek at some new watercolor originals he’ll have for sale at his booth at SDCC next month (very soon to be “this month”).
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  • Asylum Press will be taking over Booth #1429, with lots of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, anthology, and superheroes comics for you, including Kickstarter exclusives. Artist Frank Forte will also be on hand to sign every day.

  • Are your Spidey senses tingling? Must be because wunderkind (and also wonderkid) Ethan Castillo showed off a new Spider-Man post it note art piece for the con, featuring Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly.
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  • Alex Ross recently signed copies of Fantastic Four “The Case of the Mystery Menace” for San Diego Comic-Con. You can find all of Alex Ross’ announced exclusives over in our master post.
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  • There are few artists turning out more original artwork for the convention than Jeff Pina, who has a stacked deck of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine hand drawn color sketches. Beam into Small Press #Q-06 to claim your favorite.
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  • Every superhero knows they need to protect their identity, and Mad Masks can help with that. Meet at the secret headquarters of Small Press #B-02 (and congratulate them on making their SDCC exhibitor debut while you’re at it, because it’s the heroic thing to do).
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  • Freelance illustrator and artist Myles Wohl revealed a 12″x16″ oil on board piece of Harley Quinn he recently completed. You’ll find prints (and possibly even the original) at SDCC.
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  • Sphinx Publicity announced two new panels focused on diversity in comics — “New Faces of Jewish Comics” on Friday, July 21 at 10:30am in Room 29CD, and “Asian Americans Built the Comic Market” on Friday at 6pm in Room 28DE.


Anything we missed? Let us know by dropping us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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