Under the Tents 2023: Martin Hsu, Smurfs, BB-CRE.8, Nickelodeon, Neopets

Welcome to June, friends. I get the great honor of being able to say that San Diego Comic-Con 2023 is….NEXT MONTH! 

And while it seems like news is starting to pop off, we assure you that it tis but a scratch of the surface. It’s only going to get busier and more exciting from here on out. As proof, we have an Under the Tents chock full of more panel announcements, original art, signings, Smurfs, and much more.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Are you at least “three apples high” but less than 5’2″? Then you might smurf for this gig, from Mad Cave Studios and Papercutz, who are smurfing for a few good Smurfs to be a part of “an immersive meet and greet” with fans during SDCC. This all smurfs well for fans hoping to celebrate the Smurf‘s 65th Anniversary this year. Smurf in to LinkedIn to apply. 

  • Martin Hsu is one cool cat who is working on sketching some cool cats as part of his San Diego Comic-Con mash-up series featuring the cool cast of Ted Lasso as…what else….cats!

  • But that won’t be all for Martin Hsu, not even close. If you want to keep track of everything he’ll have at San Diego Comic-Con then be sure to watch this space. All exclusive items will be available for pre-sale in July with pick up at the convention.

  • Lumpia With a Vengeance will be back, with a vengeance, to San Diego Comic-Con. The team will have exclusives, which are just now arriving. We hope to have details soon.

  • In addition to his two new X-Men: The Animated Series prints, artist Dan Veesenmeyer will also have a few of his older ones as well. Looks like a great time to start a very fun collection.

  • Panel news is still trickling in, including for podcaster, actor and writer Ashley Robinson, who will be pulling double duty on two (unnamed) panels. 

  • Another panelist you’ll be able to see more than once is author J. Dianne Dotson

  • It’s a real wonder how he gets them all done, but here are eight more mini originals that Patrick Ballesteros will soon be coloring. Which one is your favorite? It’s Cowboy Bebop‘s Spike and Ein, right? We thought so.

  • If you plan on spending your summer break in Mos Espa perfecting your podracing then you’ll want to pay attention to this clue left by BB-CRE.8 regarding their SDCC exclusive collection. Catch my drift? Additionally, they also teased that they are working on a “Star Wars Daddies” collection. Color us intrigued!

  • Cover model for the book Scarlett Couture, Jordan Colton will be signing at the Titan Comics booth during Comic-Con. You’ll be able to get signatures on a photo cover and limited edition print. The signing will be Saturday, July 22.

  • We have not forgotten that Neopets have promised us a party during SDCC and we are happy to report that they have reconfirmed both their booth and the party, which will take place on Friday, July 21.

  • Y’all! Mel Archer’s fantastic enamel pins will be available at San Diego Comic-Con. You can even preorder them for pick up at the event.
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  • Manga fans always have plenty to look forward to at SDCC, and 2023 will be no different. The first volume of Randy Toroni’s NeoTera will be available for purchase at the show.

  • Independent comic creator Branden Sanderson has been hard at work on his book, Malevolent Rising, and just showed off on Instagram one of the San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive covers.
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  • Artist Nan Hockin’s collection of original art that they will be bringing to Comic-Con has nearly doubled in size since we last saw it. And it’s not too late to order a commission from her for pick up at the show.

  • And while we’re talking about commissions…. Dean Kotz is also offering pre-show commissions with limited availability, as well as walk-up commissions at the show.

  • Artist Steven Gordon has something for the Rogue fans out there, a brand new print of the queen of hearts, well…Gambit’s heart anyway!
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  • And lastly today, we are so excited to hear that artist Scott Koblish is returning to San Diego Comic-Con after a five year hiatus. We think he’ll blend in perfectly. You can request a commission from Scott by sending him a message.

Anything we missed? Let us know by dropping us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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P.S. You should check out the crazy selection of SDCC exclusives that Diamond Select Toys and Previews announced today, many of which you can preorder in advance!

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