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Dreamforger Studios (Nick Kremenek) WonderCon Anaheim 2024 Debuts & Exclusives [UPDATE March 28]

There’s something strange in the neighborhood… or at least over in Aisle E, where artist Nick Kremenek (also known as Dreamforger Studios) is returning to WonderCon Anaheim this year. He’ll be bringing all new exclusives and debuts from the world of spooks, specters, and ghosts. Float on over to #E-48 in Artists Alley to visit him, and pick up some brand new artwork that’s sure to scare away some ghosts.

[UPDATE March 28]

With Nick’s final reveal for WonderCon, you can celebrate 30 years since the Deadites appeared invaded S-Mart. This 1.75″ antique copper metal “S-Mart vs. Army of Darkness – Bloody Necronomicon Edition” 30th Anniversary Metal Collector Coin commemorates the occasion, and features the S-Mart logo on the front along with a sinister plaque for the Army of Darkness.

The back features the Necronomicon Ex Mortis – the Book of Dead, along with Sumerian text. Just don’t read it aloud.

[UPDATE March 27]

Level up your convention experience with Kremenek’s new “Convention Ability Cards”, or “Cons & Perks” (and don’t worry, Cons & Parks okayed the name).

The inaugural set features five distinct cards in a set dubbed “WonderPerks,” with each card featuring a special perk to empower attendees in their conquest of the convention. Whether it’s boosting stamina, enhancing charisma, or unlocking hidden treasures, these cards are designed to help you conquer the convention in style. And the best part? Every purchase at Nick Kremenek’s booth earns you a free random card, ensuring that every fan gets a taste of the action. Plus, for every $15 spent, you can earn an Anvil Stamp to supercharge your card’s abilities.

For those not looking to tempt fate and who want to score their favorite card(s), you can pick up the full set of five for $10. Stop by Booth #E-48 in Artists Alley to claim yours. Leftover inventory, if any remains, will launch on Kremenek’s website at a later date.

[UPDATE March 26]

Does ghost bustin’ make you feel good? Show off your love (and your professional status) with Kremenek’s “PPI&E Proton Pack” Iron-On Woven Patch. The 3.25″ embroidered patch features the Professional Paranormal Investigations & Eliminations logo, and comes equipped with an iron-on backing. You can pre-order it now for $10 for pick-up at the con, or get it shipped around Around 1.

[UPDATE March 22]

Kremenek has a few more spook-tacular surprises in store for attendees, including the long-awaited release of his “Dr. Egon Spenger” portrait art mini-print, part of his “Project: ReForge”. As part of the series, Kremenek takes previous pieces of his artwork and breathes new life into them, giving them a fresh look and feel as well as revamping the framework.

This 6″x6″ piece features Kremenek’s updated portrait artwork in a faux-photograph presentation, with a torn notation where the “photo” was taken. Each print also features a new profile dossier, as if written in-world by the Ghostbusters office manager, Janine Melnitz.

The print is limited to 150 pieces for just $15 each, and you can pre-order it now for pick-up at WonderCon or for shipping after the con around April 1.

[UPDATE March 21]

Step into Vault 2020, with this Fallout art print, inspired by the retro advertisements of the 1930’s. The 17″x11″ print is a throwback to the beginning of the Pandemic, and the act of “fleeing to a safe indoor safe” should feel familiar to everyone at this point. It’s printed on 100# Heavy Linen Card Stock, which gives the piece a textured and weathered feel and adds to the aged look of the piece.

You can order it online now for pick-up at WonderCon for $20, or get it shipped around April 1 after the con.

[UPDATE March 20]

The Sandford Police Department has their eye on you — and you’re going to have your eye on Dreamforger Studios’ new Hot Fuzz sticker pack. The 5-pack of stickers features all of your favorite characters and quotes from the Edgar Wright classic, and is part of Kremenek’s new “Speaking Of” sticker series featuring iconic lines from your favorite TV shows and films. 

The set is available now in a bundle to help you save your money for the Swear Box, as the 5-pack is just $24 (reg. $30). You can choose either pick-up at WonderCon or shipping after the con around April 1.

You can also order the five stickers individually, and even save money with his Mix & Match option.

[UPDATE March 19]

Do you think your home (or hotel) is haunted? Make it known that a paranormal investigator is needed with his new “Paranormal Housekeeping” Plastic Door Hanger. The door hanger is based on the design of the maid/housekeeping door hanger from the first film, and is made of a sturdy .015″ thick plastic material. For those of us who have run out of wall space (this writer is guilty as charged), this offers a unique way to display artwork and your love of Ghostbusters.

You can pre-order it online now for $8 for either pick-up at Booth #E-48, or for shipping after the con around April 1.

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