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Funko Founder “Funmaker” Mike Becker WonderCon Signing Announced

Fans of the collectibles company Funko were disappointed to learn that the company wouldn’t be exhibiting at WonderCon this year — but there’s still plenty of “fun” to be found. The founder of the company, “Funmaker” Mike Becker, will be hosting a panel, signing, giveaway, and more.

The previously announced panel is set for Saturday, March 30 at 12:50pm in North 200B. Today, Becker revealed that he’ll be joined by the legendary Disney Imagineer Bob Gurr, as well as producer David Kirschner.

Following the panel, there will be a signing for a select few attendees, who will receive posters, autographs, and Pop!s while supplies last. In the announcement, they showed off several Hocus Pocus Pop!s they’ll be bringing along, as well as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Ahsoka Pop! from 2023.

To gain access to the signing, you’ll need to try for the raffle in Hall D on the morning of Saturday, March 30. While not officially announced, it will likely use the “Cubes of Deciding”. Prior to 9:30am, you’ll line up. Beginning at 9:30am, you’ll be let through in order to press a button on a cube, and if it turns green, you’ll receive a wristband for the signing. If it turns red, you can return to the end of the line to try again. The signing is limited to 180 spots only.


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