WonderPost 2024: Teddy Garden, Val Hochberg, John Giang, Patrick Ballesteros, Galaken

We’ve got more than a week of March under our belts and that means we’re so much closer to WonderCon 2024, the little sister convention with the big, BIG personality. We should be seeing the exhibit floor and the panel schedule soon but until then, how about some very sticky stickers, juicy bears, panel guests, podcast premieres and plenty of things to put on your shopping list.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Let’s start with a tease from Patrick Ballesteros, who is working on another composer piece for the show. Based on the teeny tiny Hobbits could it be that we’ll get a Howard Shore homage? Thou shall not pass….this print up when you see it at WonderCon. And check out Patrick’s previous composer print dedicated to all thing John Williams here.

  • Plenty of shopping happens at WonderCon and this year the limited collectibles store vRare will be there to help take some of the burden off your wallet. They are promising us a brand new exclusive, which has us salivating a little. Don’t worry, we won’t drool on the exclusives!

  • One of the hottest variant cover artists around right now is concept artist and illustrator John Giang. Lucky for all of us, Giang will be swinging by WonderCon to show off his talents.

  • Consider this your official warning that TODDLAND EXCLUSIVES ARE COMING!!! Plenty of Bob’s Burgers goodies for all fans, including Louise hoodies and ears.

  • Looks like those stickers that Brian Bear was working on last month have arrived in time for WonderCon and it’s gonna be hard to make decisions on which ones are worthy of sticking… though the elephant brothers are really calling my name!

  • If you love TV as much as we do, and maybe fancy breaking into the business, get some inspiration at the “Creating Your Own Show” panel, scheduled for Sunday, March 31 at 1:30, with actor, writer, producer and creator Ronnel Parham. 

  • It’s no surprise at all that Priscilla Wilson thinks of her fans first, and that includes helping spread the joy of scoring one of her limited, coveted figures around to as many people as possible. Wilson is fine tuning a new line procedure that will hopefully help attendees score. 

  • One of the most CHARMING people we have ever met, Val Hochberg, is introducing some new charm designs which you’ll be able to pick up at WonderCon.

  • Cartoonist Ryan “Derede” McCarthy has a one-two punch of fun news. First, he’ll be back in Artist Alley again this year AND he mentions a little interactive event to watch out for.

  • April Wahlin’s Writer’s Workshop panel at WonderCon just got a +1 to coolness with comedian, producer and actor Doc Farrow.

  • Creator and writer of the Monster Matador book, Steven Price will be a part of the Comic Art Professional Society booth at #2183. We’re absolutely loving the proliferation of the collective booth compounds where we get to find all our favorites in one spot!

  • Bosh Illustration, “BasiaTlu” has posted on Twitter that less than ten Sketchzine copies will be available at WonderCon, and that custom “doodles” will also be an option. Find them at booth #D-53.

  • Hopefully you won’t have to use a bat-a-rang to get your mitts on this very swell sketch cover of the darkest of knights, Batman. Just one of many sketch covers that Sean Forney is working up for WonderCon.

  • Spring has really sprung over at The Teddy Garden, which you can find in Artist Alley at E-45. They have harvested some juicy looking Pear Bears that are hoping to be adopted.

  • Here’s one for all my fellow four-eyes out there! Stylish and licensed eyewear company Galaken will be exhibiting at their very first WonderCon. You’ll be able to get some early releases of their fandom forward specs and possibly win some prizes at their booth, #1261.

  • It’s been a banner year already for artist Peter Smith, who has had work published in Dynamite’s Lilo & Stitch comic as well as their Thundercats comic. Catch up with all that Smith has been up to at WonderCon, Artist’s Alley #D-32.
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  • Another artist you can find in Artist’s Alley will be Jenna Gray. Head to booth #A-61 to check out her new artbook, stickers and prints. (Psst… Good Omens fans should check to see if she has any copies of this super sweet print she posted on Valentine’s Day!) 
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  • And lastly today, you can a catch a premiere of Tales From My Spinner Rack Episode 7: Marvel Monster Madness, focusing on all the monsters and creatures who dominated the pages of Marvel Comics before the super-heroes took over. Details coming soon!
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And if you have missed any of our previous WonderPosts, you can find them here.

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