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Attend San Diego Comic-Con 2024 with “Legend” Membership

For those who weren’t lucky enough to score a badge in either of the two registration events last year for San Diego Comic-Con, if you’ve been holding out hope for another shot… we have some news for you.

For several years now, Comic-Con has launched official ebay auctions for badges, which serve as a fundraiser of sorts for the Comic-Con Museum. The official ebay account has confirmed that isn’t in the cards this year though.

Instead, the only way to still score a badge is through the Comic-Con Museum’s “Legend” Membership tier, which launched last year and includes a four-day plus Preview Night badge, as well as unlimited general admission to the Museum for one year, up to two free General Admissions for children under the age of 17, priority registration for Museum events, a lanyard and membership pin, special invitation to members-only exhibit previews, and more. The only catch? It’s $1,900.

The former ebay auctions previously included two 4-day with Preview Night badges with a starting bid of $720 — with auctions typically going for anywhere from that $720 price to $1,500 for the pair of badges.

This year, though, your only option appears to be the Legend Membership tier.

h/t Headless Ned Stark

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