Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusives [UPDATE July 12]

When it comes to San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, the cornerstones of the con have consistently been Hasbro and Mattel. With license to manufacture toys that are consistently at the top of the pop culture want list, both booths have been the craziest for many of Comic-Con’s years. To address the frenzied crowds, Mattel introduced a pre-sale system a few years ago.

Presale Info:

Early Access for Subscribers: 8AM PT June 16 – 8AM PT June 17, 2016

All Access: 9AM PT June 17 – 11:59PM PT June 26, 2016

Just like in previous years, all presale orders must be picked up at the convention (no shipping) – though products will also be available for purchase directly at the convention.


3: The following exclusives have a limit during the presale of 3, meaning you can purchase a maximum of three per unit of the following exclusives: Hot Wheels Star Trek Spock, Wonder Woman Invisible Jet, Hot Wheels Marvel Daredevil, Kubros TMNT, Hot Wheels Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman Barbie, Thomas & Friends/DC Super Friends MINIS, She-Ra, ThunderCats,

6: The following exclusives have a limit during the presale of 6, meaning you can purchase a maximum of six per unit of the following exclusives: Suicide Squad The Joker and Panda, Star Trek Barbie, HALO Spartan Helioskrill, Disney Pixar Car Hudson Hornet, WWE Shockmaster, Minecraft, Ghostbusters Lights & Sound Set

As of press time, the following exclusives are not part of the early access sale (so we don’t have limits info): Ever After High Cedar Wood, DC Super Hero Girls Katana, Monster High Ghostbusters Frankie Stein, Monster High Robecca Steam & Hexiciah Steam. We expect these items to only be available in the All Access sale.

Here is the link to the All Access sale.

Now, let’s take a look at what Mattel has planned for 2016:

[UPDATE July 12]

Hopefully you already bought your She-Ra and Thundercats Mattel exclusives in the pre-sale, because Mattel just announced that they won’t be available for purchase at their booth during the con. Instead, they’ll be part of Mattel’s upcoming SDCC Online Sale (which is typically the After Sale, after the con). If you already pre-ordered either set, fear not! You’ll still be picking them up in San Diego.

[UPDATE June 28]

Remember that awesome Star Wars Hot Wheels exclusive that Mattel teased was still to be announced? Well, Yahoo Movies has just unveiled the set, and it’s a recreation of the final confrontation in A New Hope. There are four die-cast “carships”, and a push of the button illuminates the vehicles and unleashes sound and light effects replicating laser blasts. It will retail for $50, and only be available at Mattel’s San Diego Comic-Con booth.

From Yahoo Movies, here’s a look:


[UPDATE June 16]

SRP: $25
She’s everyone’s favorite psychotic villain. When Harley Quinn joins the Suicide Squad, you learn to expect the unexpected. Celebrate the Suicide Squad film with this first edition Hot Wheels Harley Quinn character car featuring a full die-cast body and chassis and Real Riders® wheels. Housed in a special package that suspends the captured car in an Arkham Asylum cell, it sports tattoos that read “Daddy’s Lil Monster” and “Property of Joker” – and you know that can’t be good.


From their blog, here’s a closer look:


SRP: $30
Hell’s Kitchen. It’s New York City’s boiling pot for trouble – but it’s Daredevil’s beat. When The Punisher comes in with his “destroy ’em all” approach, things get even hotter. This San Diego Comic-Con set commemorates that heroic clash with two premium edition Hot Wheels® character cars: Daredevil and The Punisher. Sealed in a protective acrylic case, the cars feature Real Riders® wheels and are perched on top of an NYC building with a 3D city skyline backdrop. With the press of a button, the building’s window lights up, flashing from red to white, to reveal a glimpse of Daredevil’s battle with The Punisher inside. The packaging art was created by comic book illustrator Alex Maleev!

Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Alphonse Neri Stylist

Photographer Jeremy Lloyd, Stylist Alphonse Neri

From their blog, here’s a closer look at the awesome packaging:

SRP: $20
When the Star Trek series first blasted off into the stratosphere, the soon-to-be-famous actor who made Mr. Spock one of TV’s best known sci-fi characters rewarded himself by becoming the proud owner of a stellar ’64 Buick Riviera. So proud, in fact, that he posed for an iconic photo while dressed in full Starfleet uniform with his car on the back lot of the TV studio. Hot Wheels® proudly pays tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek with this 3D diorama featuring a beautiful Hot Wheels® edition of the Riviera in a full die-cast body and chassis, with Real Riders® wheels and a Mr. Spock figurine. It’s a highly logical way to honor the milestone and the actor.


From their blog, here’s a closer look:

Mattel is bringing double Wonder Woman action this year to San Diego Comic-Con, with a Princess Diana of Themyscira action figure and invisible jet, for $15. They posted the following photo on their Facebook:


And then on June 15, PEOPLE shared a look at the packaging for the figure:


SRP: $40
This Comic Con exclusive includes 2 6-inch figures—The Joker™ and Panda Man. Both are highly articulated reproductions from the movie. Panda Man features flocking on his body and a riffle accessory. A Bat Mask is included in the window box display package.


From Mattel’s blog, here’s a closer look at the packaging:

SRP: $25
It’s an 8-Bit take on a mutant showdown when you build your own Leonardo™ and Bebop™ figures and pit them against each other in a battle of mean vs. green. With a blocky, retro-fied design inspired by the era of classic gaming, these collectible characters bring it back to the old school with iconic details drawn from the original 1987 series. Both figures feature the signature Kubros coin detail and arms and head that move, and come packaged together in an exclusive SDCC box with deluxe TMNT art that Turtle super-fans will love!

Photographer Dennis DiLaura

Photographer Dennis DiLaura

From the Mattel blog, here’s a closer look at the awesome packaging – a nice retrospective to the 1980’s from which the series hails:

SRP: $25
It’s an 8-Bit take on a mutant showdown when you build your own Michelangelo™ and Rocksteady™ figures and pit them against each other in a battle of mean vs. green. With a blocky, retro-fied design inspired by the era of classic gaming, these collectible characters bring it back to the old school with iconic details drawn from the original 1987 series. Both figures feature the signature Kubros coin detail and arms and head that move, and come packaged together in an exclusive SDCC box with deluxe TMNT art that Turtle super-fans will love!

Photographer Dennis DiLaura

Photographer Dennis DiLaura

From the Mattel blog, here’s a closer look at the awesome packaging – a nice retrospective to the 1980’s from which the series hails:

SRP: $15 (each)
Think you can survive the world of Minecraft? Well, now with your very own Survival Mode Player One figure, your chances have just increased exponentially. The Player One figure comes with an Enchanted Pickaxe and works with Minecraft’s other Survival Mode figures (sold separately). And, you know when it comes to survival, it’s important to be innovative, to be unique, to think “outside the box”, so that’s why we’re giving you a customizable and creative way to make this figure jump right out of your Minecraft world. You get to craft the look of your unique Player One figure by using your actual skin from the game! We create and print a custom label based on your in-game skin and then you get to apply it however you want. We also have an exclusive set of SDCC skins that are only available at the show! Print it, stick it and you’re ready to begin your journey into the world of Survival Mode!


SRP: $60
Recreate the exciting adventures of the twin ThunderCats™ on Third Earth! This authentic two-pack includes richly detailed 4” inch figures of Wilykit and Wilykat, their Space Boards and key weapon accessories. Each figure features 30+ points of articulation, deluxe sculpting, removable claws, lariats and one thunder attachment to battle mutants! Stand them on their articulating hover boards and put them on display! The ThunderKittens also come in dynamic keepsake packaging that depicts a colorful setting from the series. These mischievous, powerful Wilykit and Wilykat exclusive figures are must-have additions for adult collectors.


From their blog, here’s a closer look at the packaging:

SRP: $25
Mattel’s new 6” action figure series brings the world of HALO® to life with an iconic line of UNSC Spartans and Covenant forces! This collector’s grade Spartan Helioskrill figure is designed with extreme detail and includes iconic accessories, removable armor, and 30 points of articulation for a highly poseable form. This figure includes a fully interchangeable, mix-and-match armor suit and 2 accessories so you can customize your figure with others in the full line. For San Diego Comic-Con only, figure comes with exclusive blue visor, exclusive armor decoration, and exclusive legendary MA5 “bracer skin.” Build your collection and create epic, larger-than-life HALO® battles from the highly-acclaimed franchise from Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries. Authentic, game-inspired designs and details are sure to thrill both casual fans and avid collectors alike! Specially designed packaging, just for Comic-Con. Colors and decorations may vary.

Photographer Randel Urbauer Stylist Alphonse

From their blog, here’s a closer look at the figure:

SRP: $20
When trouble threatens, it’s up to the greatest heroes of all to save the day! Springing into action are Thomas as Superman™ and Diesel as Batman™. This Thomas & Friends™/DC Super Friends™ MINIS item for San Diego Comic Con 2016 features amazing transformations when Thomas as Clark Kent™ and Diesel as Bruce Wayne™ become their super heroic alter egos. Thrilling comic strip stories built into the package provide the reason for the heroes to shed their secret identities and don their familiar disguises. This highly collectible item follows on the heels of 2015’s popular San Diego Comic Con Thomas & Friends™/DC Super Friends™ MINIS item and delivers the same action-packed, pop art fun in premium packaging, plus an exciting new feature that’s sure to thrill!


From their blog, here’s a closer look at the set:

Apparently Mattel has even more tricks up their sleeve, as they just unveiled a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Barbie Star Trek 50th Anniversary Doll.

Barbie is celebrating Star Trek by getting a major makeover. In the pilot episode of Star Trek, a young woman named Vina was presented to Captain Pike, under various guises – including as a beautiful, green-skinned Orion girl. Barbie celebrates that episode, and comes dressed in her shimmering metallic gold dancer’s dress with matching gold arm cuff. She retails for $50.

From their site, here’s a look:




SRP: $40
Step out on the cutting edge with DC Super Hero Girls Katana doll! This DC Super Hero Girls doll is inspired by the sword master of Super Hero High and ready for powerful fun. Designed in 12-inch scale, Katana doll comes with five iconic accessories that showcase her martial arts skills — including her beloved sword. Three different left hands — easily interchangeable — allow her to hold the various weapons. Pose Katana doll with her iconic katana or choose from the four shuriken, the two sai, a sheathed tanto and a naginata. True to her fashionable flair, Katana doll’s outfit blends samurai and style for a powerful, action-ready look. Save the day with Katana doll and unleash your power!


From DC Comics, here’s a closer look at the doll and the packaging:

SRP: $30
Die-hard WWE® fans will enjoy the ultimate tribute to WWE® Superstars with this elite 6-inch Shockmaster™ figure. Featuring fierce attention to detail, this figure captures the authenticity of Shockmaster. This figure is packaged in a unique way to recreate Shockmaster’s epic fall during his WCW television debut. He also comes with his iconic robe that was intended to enhance his first ever WCW appearance. Now WWE® fans have a chance to celebrate one of sports entertainment’s most talked about Superstars. Colors and decorations may vary.

Photographer Jeff O Stylist Alfonse Neri

Photographer Jeff O
Stylist Alfonse Neri

Here’s a closer look at the figure, from Mattel’s site:

SRP: $80
As befitting of the daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman makes her appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and this Justice League member proves she’s battle ready! Inspired by the costume worn in the movie, Wonder Woman Barbie® doll is cloaked in a royal blue hooded cape lined with gold lamé and worn over her bold red bustier and royal blue paneled skirt. She also wears her signature golden tiara, bulletproof bracelets and golden lasso. Standing heroically atop a “rocky” ledge brandishing a sword and shield, she is the portrait of a true Amazonian Warrior Princess.


From Mattel’s site, here’s a closer look:

SRP: $25
Frankie Stein® straps on her proton pack and Ghostbuster™ skills in this spooktacular SDCC ’16 exclusive mash-up. Catch yours before it gets slimed!


Mattel also released some additional photos of the packaging and accessories for the Monster High/Ghostbusters Frankie Stein mash-up:

SRP: $40
Get ready for this riveting steampunk two-pack from Monster High® ! Robecca Steam™ and her father Hexiciah Steam™ bring their analog style to the digital age in with their uhhh-mazingly detailed steampunk fashions and scary cool accessories.


Mattel released some additional photos of the packaging for the Monster High two-pack of Robecca and Hexiciah Steam:


SRP: $30
The stage is set for this year’s truly captivating Ever After High® SDCC ’16 exclusive.

ever after high

Mattel also unveiled some additional photos on their site, showing off the box art:

SRP: $24.99
Ghostbusters is back with an all new, paranormal team and spooky cool ghosts. Now with the GHOSTBUSTERS™ Lights & Sounds Multi-Pack, you can join the fight. Battle alongside four 1.5” ghost busters mini figures who are armed and ready! Proton beams fire from their blasters as they try to take down the evil 6” Rowan figure, the giant ghost from the film. Press the button outside the box to launch a light and sound show of blue glowing proton beams as Rowan turns red and screams in rage! Press it again, and you’ll hear the iconic “Who you gonna call” Ghostbusters™ theme song as the lights bounce to the beat of the music. Packaging features slime graphics and the iconic Ghostbusters™ logo. Set also includes 3 AA batteries. It’s a multi-sensory interactive experience that real Ghostbusters fans and collectors will love!

Paul Jordan Stylist: Mary Jordan

Who ya gonna call? Mattel unveiled a closer look at the packaging for this year’s Ghostbusters set:

SRP: $25
Enhance your collection of Disney Pixar Cars characters with this Comic-Con exclusive: a premium, true-to-movie Dirt Track Fabulous Hudson Hornet die-cast! This highly detailed 1:55 scale replica of the classic 1950s vehicle brings to life Doc Hudson as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet at the peak of his racing career

Paul Jordan Stylist: Mary Jordan

Mattel has revealed a closer look at the set:

SRP: $75
Relive the glamorous, commanding adventures of She-Ra®, Princess of Power® with this 11” highly detailed action figure. The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe® features 24 points of articulation, rooted hair, 3 iconic fashions, 2 swords, signature shield, 6 interchangeable hands, a logoed stand, a 12-page mini comic: “The Story of She-Ra”, and a beautiful keepsake box with vivid imagery from the enchanting world of Eternia®! Wage epic battle with She-Ra® against The Evil Horde® for the honor of Grayskull™!

Photographer Jeff O'Brien Stylist Lin Carlson

From their blog, here are some additional photos:






Which Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusives will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments.

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  • raybdc97

    I totally see your point Denz…
    I have had this conversation with a vendor named Jason (I believe he was from Entertainment Earth) before…I’m gonna cut a paste a bit of that convesation here as to other options besides destroying the product…
    My Best,
    Doc Raymond

    Thank you Jason!
    First you’re awesome for taking the time to 1) read these posts, and 2) follow-up on them by commenting and stating your position as a vendor. Thanks Much-o. Its gratifying to know that we are heard.
    I guess we’ll agree to disagree about what the word “EXCLUSIVE” means, (despite however a disclaimer redefines it).
    Still, its a Buyer beware scenario, that the exclusive you are buying, aren’t necessarily exclusive.
    With that said, we understand you’re a business, and also wouldn’t want you to just throw them away!!! If throwing them away is your ONLY option, I question your creative thinking skills.
    1) you could invite a local kids charity to accept them on the floor at the end of the Con.
    2) perhaps a charitable auction
    3) Surprise handouts to real fans.
    4) Other promotional purposes.
    (all these option could be done at ComicCon)
    While you wont make $$$ from their sales, you’ll foster awesome PR and endear your patrons who support you all year long. Because exclusives are about celebrating your fan base Right!?!?
    In the end, I guess we just want you to value us and our time, effort, money and loyalty, at least as much as WE (your fans) value your product, by keeping exclusives…EXCLUSIVE.
    My Best,
    Doc Ray

  • Denz

    I see your points as well and I think the whole use of “exclusive” is a bit of a scam, because the reality is products will always make their way into other channels either directly via other regions of the world or the secondary market.

    For me the only thing that really has any type of actual “exclusivity” are those that are numbered runs (and even those have questions). That being said as a collector of a number of different items and one who ran a sports collectible shop back in the late 80’s & early 90’s I have long ago adapted the philosophy of buy and collect what you enjoy. If you do that you can never go wrong, if like to do as so many try to do in buying and collecting things as “investments” or to “turnover and sell”, well good luck to you but the harsh reality is very few items made today will hold any value in 5, 10 or 20 years due to the pure volume of things being made. Yes there are a lot of very uninformed folks out there who will shell out double, triple or more than retail for new items or items released at conventions but very few of them will hold that value over a long period of time.

    I love the idea of donating items, or doing charitable auctions, but those things require work, things that often are outside of the normal processes and procedures of companies and even more often outside of the flow of products. In this day of 3rd party fulfillment partners many companies never even see their actual products after the release them to the company in China or wherever else in the far East they are made, they ship from manufacturer to warehouse, either directly to reseller or directly to customers.

    I fear there are no easy solutions, for me I say that more ways they can get things directly into the hands of collectors/fans vs those who’s intent is reselling items is all for the better.

    I hope you get all the items you want and that you can enjoy them.


  • raybdc97

    Well said Sir…Well said indeed.

  • Akiba4tN8

    Are the Star Wars Hot Wheels brand new molds? Thanks

  • Akiba4tN8

    It would be awesome if they allowed for purchase of that Set at the Marriott… But I doubt they will. Details say it will be at the booth, so I’m sure their entire supply for Con will be there.

  • Malcolm Porter

    after sale sold out in 1 minute

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