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Mattel Teases Mystery ‘Star Wars’ Hot Wheels Exclusive

DMJ03_600px-2Mattel’s Early Access presale for their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives launched this morning, and the All Access (open to anyone) launches at 9AM PT tomorrow, on June 17 — but Matty still has a few tricks up their sleeves.

Although the toy company has what feels like a record number of exclusives for this year’s con, it looks like they have one more. On their blog, they teased an all-new Hot Wheels Star Wars item that “will be announced by Mattel and Lucasfilm in the next few weeks.”

What they could reveal is that the item will be available at both SDCC and available in limited quantities at after the show, that it won’t be available in either pre-sale, and that it will retail for $50.

So: Any guesses?

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