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San Diego Comic-Con Marvel Hoodies Now Available From ThinkGeek


One of the hottest exclusives at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was Marvel’s limited character hoodies — featuring Captain America, the Winter Solder, Rocket Raccoon, and Star-Lord. These hoodies were limited to 250 units per day, and sold out extremely fast at this year’s convention, so the odds are high that if you wanted one, you might not have been ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con Flash Forward: Funko’s Spider-Man Hikari Sofubi

funko spiderman spider-man hikari

Welcome to the San Diego Comic-Con Flash Forward, our new feature that takes a look at products and properties revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. In the months between conventions, what’s happened with these projects? When will they be available, and how do they measure up to the Comic-Con hype? We take a look. At San Diego Comic-Con, Funko unveiled an ... Read More »

Hasbro Comic-Con Exclusives On Sale After Convention [UPDATE]


[UPDATE] Several of Hasbro’s exclusives, including the Transformers Dinobots Set and Marvel Infinity Gauntlet, have been restocked on Hasbro’s site. [PREVIOUS] Earlier today, Hasbro announced that its remaining inventory of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives was going on sale. During the last few hours, some of the hottest exclusives have already sold out – including the Star Wars The Black Series ... Read More »

2014 Swag and What it Means for 2015


For the last few years San Diego Comic-Con has ended with many feeling that the freebies that once flowed freely are no longer as readily available. It’s inarguable that companies on the SDCC floor are giving out less t-shirts, bags and posters than in 2010, but does that mean that there’s less freebies in general? More importantly, where does this ... Read More »

Symbiote Studios SDCC 2014 Exclusives [Update July 23]


It was about a year ago when Symbiote Studios, manufacture of the adorable super-deformed Symbiote figurines, unveiled its slate of video game-licensed SDCC exclusives. Hot off the heels of E3, the company is back at Comic-Con in 2014 and has begun to release information on what attendees can expect to see on the show floor. We’ll update this master post as new information ... Read More »