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San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Preregistration Guide & Tips


Comic-Con International announced today that Preregistration for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 will take place this Saturday, November 8, at 9AM PT. Are you prepared? Just in case you’re not, we’ve put together a guide and tips on making sure you are ready for this weekend. You can also join us, whether you’re buying a badge or just wanting to see ... Read More »

How to Make the Best of San Diego Comic-Con By Not Planning Everything


Perhaps the most common piece of advice veteran con-goers bestow upon SDCC hopefuls is “be prepared”. And with an attendance size that rivals some Midwestern cities, it’s not at all difficult to understand why. To both long-time attendees and newbies a like, setting foot in San Diego during Comic-Con can be like entering a war zone. It can feel like ... Read More »

NerdHQ Video Tour

nerd hq video

The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and the wonderful folks at d6mafia partnered together this year at San Diego Comic-Con to take an inside look at Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine’s Nerd HQ. This year, the offsite elevated itself to a whole new level, with fan parties, panels, gaming, activations, and much more. Whether you spent the whole week ... Read More »

2014 Swag and What it Means for 2015


For the last few years San Diego Comic-Con has ended with many feeling that the freebies that once flowed freely are no longer as readily available. It’s inarguable that companies on the SDCC floor are giving out less t-shirts, bags and posters than in 2010, but does that mean that there’s less freebies in general? More importantly, where does this ... Read More »

Guide to Autograph Ticket Drawings in the Sails Pavilion

community signing

Even for convention veterans, getting autographs at San Diego Comic-Con can be one of the most confusing procedures there is – and that’s in large part because almost no two autograph sessions are run the same way. For some, simply showing up at the booth on the exhibit floor in time for the signing is enough. For others, you must ... Read More »

What to Expect: SDCC Preparation for July 2014

WB Warner Bros booth floor display

It’s now July, which means that Comic-Con is this month. Are you prepared? Well, alright, no one is probably ever completely prepared, but your best option for ensuring you make the most of the behemoth that is Comic-Con is keeping up with the important information. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here’s what you can expect over the few weeks ... Read More »

Five Steps to Planning a Fan-tastic SDCC Event

gaslamp quarter san diego

When we talk to our organizers of comic cons, gamer tournaments, and fan meetups, one of the top items they ask for help with is getting the word out and attracting more fans to their event. As San Diego Comic Con quickly approaches, we wanted to share our favorite ways to drive higher attendance so you can spend more time ... Read More »