Comic-Con 2012 Onsite Pre-Registration Info

A couple of days ago we posted some info on the onsite pre-registration process for 2012 that had a lot of you disappointed, and some even more so. Well, CCI updated the official Comic-Con site with the details, and it’s what we expected. Registration will be held in Douglass Pavilion at the Manchester Grand Hyatt from 8am to 11am Thursday through Sunday.

Click through the jump to find out the good, the bad, and the just-plain-weird.

Here’s the good:

  • A 2011 ticket holder can buy one ticket for themselves and one for one other person.
  • They’re spreading out all available tickets equally throughout each of the four days, so that everyone has a chance to purchase their tickets.
  • Single day tickets will also be on sale.
  • You can only go through the pre-registration process once.

Here’s the bad:

  • You can only pre-register for 2012 on the days your 2011 ticket is valid. That means, if you only have a Saturday pass, you’ll have to wait until then to pre-register.
  • Since they’re holding back available tickets each day to ensure everyone has a chance to purchase their preferred type, there’s a chance that they’ll sell out of any ticket by the time it’s your time to buy.
  • Yes, prices for 4-Day with Preview Night did go up to $175

And the just-plain-weird:

  • Once you’ve pre-registered, you haven’t really pre-registered. You’ll have to check your email and create a Member ID, a new requirement for 2012 which is supposed to “improve the efficiency of the online registration system”. You’ll have to go through the requirements emailed to you to complete the process. No complete, no pass!
  • And although you’re allowed to buy two 4-day or 8 single day tickets, and can only buy for yourself and one other person, you can’t buy two single tickets for the same day. I have no idea how this math works…

Check out the official page for the complete details. And good luck!

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