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Food Trucks Reveal Disney and Warner Bros. Offsite Surprises

Yesterday, foodies at the con rejoiced at the news the San Diego food trucks would be out in full force during the con. The website gave the specifics on what cuisine we can expect to be present and where the trucks would be located. Does “Chop Sooey, Patty Melt, Super Q, Asian Persuasion, Two For The Road, Devilicious, SD Street Eats, Flippin Pizza and Green Truck” get your mouth watering?

But they might have given up something far more delectable.

Here’s the quote:

The entrance will be off 1st Ave, right next to the Comedy Central interactive park.  Warner Brothers and Disney will also be doing projects in the lot.

What could it be? Warner Bros. is all over the show, so it could be anything from a big blockbuster movie to a push for a new TV show. And what about Disney? Could it be a tie-in with a Disney XD show, like Tron: Uprising? Hands on their Disney Universe game from Disney Interactive? Or when they say Disney do they mean Marvel? Only a couple of days until we all find out.

Thanks to readers Zach Marcus and Jeremy Wein who pointed out this buried treasure.

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