MattyCollector SDCC Voucher Pre-Sale Guide [UPDATE]

The time has come to plot your course to successfully navigating the infamous SDCC MattyCollector experience. This isn’t a ride for the faint of heart, but like so many things when it comes to SDCC, with effort comes reward. So, here are the tips that will maximize your potential to make everyone at work drool when you put that Batusi Batman on your desk:

Treat the Online Pre-Sale Like All Online SDCC Competitions

Just like passes…and hotels…and parking…and everything else, the MattyCollector pre-sale requires that you have fully operational tech, patience and a team of Ultron drones plugging away to get your order in. So, turn to your calendar now and get this down:

  • Early Access: Mon 6/3 at 8AM PT thru Tues 6/4 at 8AM PT (subscribers only)
  • All Access: Tues 6/4 at 9AM PT thru Tues 6/11 at 11:59PM PT (open to everyone)

That’s right, this year they are opening it up to subscribers first. We don’t know just how much will sell during this subscriber Early Access sale, and if MattyCollector is limiting quantities so that items are still available during the All Access sale a day later. We’ve reached out to them for confirmation, but since all subscriptions are currently sold out, there’s no chance of joining now to get an early jump on that Monster High Webarella (c’mon, we know you really want one…).

[UPDATE] Indeed, we’ve received word that, although items are limited to six per person, supply is not limited between subscribers and everyone else, and Matty has warned that items may sell out before the All Access sale on Tuesday.

Saying that, do not treat this as if it is something you can wander into two minutes late. You already fought to earn your pass into SDCC, so you know what it takes to earn a Comic-Con trophy like that Man of Steel two-pack. If you only log-in at the starting bell, you risk losing out altogether.

Have Your Order Written Out

For many of the MattyCollector items, it’ll be a blink and you miss it type of a moment. There will be no time to debate on whether you want one or two Cylon Raiders, there’ll only be time to order and submit. Furthermore, are you ordering for others? If you’re picking up an extra Catwoman for your friend, you need to know it and have it as part of your order. There will be limits on how many items can be purchased of each item, so watch for more on this.

Get Your Financial House in Order

Beware that your card will be charged the second you press submit on your order. If you do not have funds in your account, your order will be declined and the items will be released back into the pool. There will be no time to for second chances on this, so make sure that you have calculated your order cost and have available funds prior to the day of the pre-sale.

Understand the Details

Like anything with Comic-Con, if you go in cold turkey you’re bound to miss out altogether. Therefore, a complete understanding of the details of the sale is imperative. Here’s the info direct from the MattyCollector site:

  • There’s a limited amount of each product available for pre-order, so shop early for best selection. Availability is first-come, first-served for both Early Access (open to subscribers only) and All Access (open to everyone) and there are no promises you’ll be able to purchase a voucher for every product. If products sell out during Early Access, no additional products will be made available.
  • When the sale is open, choose the items you want and add them to your cart (subject to availability). There’s a purchase limit of six units per person per product, on all products.
  • Your credit card will be charged and a confirmation email will be sent. This is your voucher and you’ll need it to pick up your products so be sure you use a valid email address when you place your order.
  • Pick up your product in person at SDCC on one of these dates/times: Thursday 7/18, Friday 7/19, or Saturday 7/20 from 7am – 11am or 3pm – 7pm in the Torrey Pines room at the Marriot San Diego Hotel and Marina, which is just next door to (and connected to) the San Diego Convention Center.
  • To redeem your voucher for the specified products, you must present all of the following:If you’re unable to pick up your product(s) by 7pm on Saturday 7/20, it will go into the products available for sale at the show on Sunday 7/21. You may be able to purchase it on Sunday 7/21, but there are no guarantees.
    • Printout of the email confirming your order (voucher)
    • Your photo ID
    • Your 2013 San Diego Comic-Con badge
    • The credit card used for this transaction
  • Please be sure you can personally pick up your purchase(s) at SDCC during the specified dates/times. If you’re only attending SDCC on Sunday 7/21, please do not purchase a voucher.
  • Products cannot be shipped. Vouchers are for pick up at SDCC only, and only available to SDCC attendees (badges will be required).

And of course, the all-important Voucher Sale link. Bookmark this now.

We’ll have tips on booth times during the con, as our team will be tweeting updates. That said, do not miss picking up your items or you will lose them. Yes, you heard us right; if you miss pick-up, you’ll lose the items and your money. You’ve been warned. In addition, make sure to plan for long wait times. The MattyCollector pre-sale pick-up room is known for soul crushing as the filling of orders normally takes much longer than you’d expect. Despite this, it is still a far better option than trying to obtain the items without the advantage of the pre-sale. The regular line-up for MattyCollector is right there with Hasbro as one of the most difficult at SDCC, so make sure to utilize the pre-sale to cut at least a bit of the time and frustration.

Keep checking with us at SDCC Blog for more tips as the show comes near. Until then, leave us a comment and let us know if you’re going to participate in the pre-sale and what items you are targeting.

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