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Huffington Post Live On the ‘Comic-Con Phenomenon’

Earlier today we participated in a discussion about the “Comic-Con Phenomenon” over at Huffington Post Live. I represented the blog in a panel discussion including Linda “VampyBitMe” Le, Tony “Crazy4ComicCon” Kim and David Glanzer, Director of Marketing and PR at CCI (with whom we had a discussion previous in the month, that you can check out here).

I was asked about some of the great offsite events attendees can expect, as well as the big panels that will have most of you waiting in line this July. We’ve embedded the interview below.

Liked what you saw? You can hear me and the rest of our team talk, usually with a special guest, in our weekly SDConCast podcast. And stay tuned – we’ll have more to announce on where you’ll be able to see more of our Comic-Con coverage for this year.

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