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Video: Survival Tips Outside San Diego Comic-Con

As you might have seen, there is no shortage of lists and tips on the internet on how to survive the rigors of San Diego Comic-Con. However, this is no longer a simple convention that attendees can roll into without serious prep. As such, we decided to take our survival tips to the next level and provide a video guide to show you some ways to make this SDCC your most pleasant and successful yet.

  • Where can you get a break from the convention center and enjoy a good meal at a decent price?
  • Where is the fulfillment room and when is the best time to grab your swag?
  • Where should you show for vital supplies that won’t cost you all of your hard earned convention money?

We touch on these and much more in our video tour around the convention center to show you how to make your time in the San Diego sun just a little bit more enjoyable.

So, what other tips do our Comic-Con vets have to share? Join in on the conversation and let us know what other tips you have.

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