Food Trucks Are Back at Petco Park for SDCC 2013

more food trucks in the food truck lot by KLGreenNYC, on Flickr
more food trucks in the food truck lot by KLGreenNYC, on Flickr

The San Diego food trucks are one of our favorite parts of Comic-Con. Nothing like escaping the jalapeno-slathered nachos and hot dogs of the Convention Center for some affordable, gourmet grub. They’re definitely one of the best food options available during the convention.

That’s why we’re excited to see our friends over at San Diego Food Trucks post the first news that the food trucks will be returning this year, and it sounds like they’ll be back at Petco Park like last year.

Per the post, here’s the first two (hopefully of many) to pull up at Comic-Con this year:

Super Q Food Truck and STUFFED will be at the Interactive Zone at Petco Park July 18-21 from 10 -9pm. The parking lot is just down from the pedestrian bridge crossing Harbor Drive.

The Super Q Food Truck serves hickory smoked BBQ, while STUFFED delivers burgers, mac and cheese and tots. We’re getting hungry already.

There will be also be a regularly scheduled gathering of food trucks on Thursday in downtown (view the map here), just 7 minutes from the convention center:

The current lineup is: New York on Rye, God Save the Cuisine, Slider House Co, Pierogi Truck, Crepes Bonaparte, White Rabbit Truck

Keep an eye out over at San Diego Food Trucks to see the updated list of trucks added leading up to the convention. Also, they have a great Twitter list of food trucks you can add to our already awesome list of accounts to follow outside Comic-Con.

Who’s ready to eat? Let us know in the comments.

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