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‘Lost’ 10-Year Reunion Panel A Possibility at SDCC 2014

Last week it was reported by Zap2It that Person of Interest star Michael Emerson had hinted that a Lost reunion panel for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 was a strong possibility, in celebration of the show’s tenth anniversary.

Here’s what Emmerson said to Zap2It’s Terri Schwartz about the reunion:

“I’ve heard some murmurings of some kind of reunion. Whether it will take place at Comic-Con or not I’m not sure,” Emerson says. “No matter what happens, if anything happens, it will be really hard logistically to put it together.”

Reunion panels are now the “trendy” thing to do at Comic-Con. Science Channel did it two years ago to promote Firefly repeats on its programming schedule, complete with a November 2012 television special of the historic panel; and TV Guide hosted the X-Files 20th Anniversary Reunion panel this past year.

When we spoke to IGN TV Executive Editor Eric Goldman earlier this year, he mentioned that PaleyFest had previously been home to television reunions in the past. Could the cast and crew of Lost be headed back to the Paley Center next Spring? Or has Comic-Con become the new standard for classic genre television reunions?

Looking at this early report, we read a few things. One, the fact that one of the series’ stars has heard “murmurings” means that it’s something that’s certainly being discussed in some circles at Emerson’s level, probably to gauge interest among the cast. Two, ABC would certainly love to use the worldwide publicity a reunion at Comic-Con would create to rekindle DVD and streaming sales of the series –  PaleyFest might have industry prestige but doesn’t come close to the same reach that SDCC does. And three, it’s anticipated J.J. Abrams will already be at SDCC for Star Wars Episode VII, and Evangeline Lilly for The Hobbit: There and Back Again. Add Emerson if Person of Interest gets past season three, Josh Holloway for Intelligence if season two, Naveen Andrews if Once Upon A Time in Wonderland season two, and we’re halfway to a full panel of stars already in San Diego for the convention.

But would it be too soon? The final season of Lost aired only in Winter 2010, and despite celebrating its tenth anniversary, it would mean the show would have only been off the air for a little more than four years. Nonetheless, it is still a beloved fan-favorite that would attract a crowd among Comic-Con panels.

What do you think? Do you think television reunion panels at Comic-Con are “trendy”, or are you hoping to see this on next year’s programming schedule? Let us know in the comments.

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