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WonderCon 2014: Talking Food Trucks with Burger Monster

burger monsterAs anyone who attended WonderCon can probably attest to, one of the most prominent features of the convention this year was actually outside the convention center — the food trucks. This year Comic-Con International upped the amount of four-wheeled eateries to ten, and the food trucks formed a line along the plaza in between the Hilton and Marriott hotels, where hungry attendees could grab a wide range of delicious foods.

Thousands of attendees flocked to the trucks all weekend long to try the food. We spoke with one of the most popular destinations: Burger Monster, a gourmet burger joint that was returning to WonderCon for the second time and always had a very long line.

So what is it like trying to keep up with hungry attendees, and how do they keep from running out of food? Co-founder Matt Kinney spoke with us about what running a food truck during WonderCon is really like:

Did you try one of the food trucks? Let us know in the comments.

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