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WonderPost: Gaming, TV Show Signings, OUAT, Anime, TheOneRing.Net Shirt, Vinyl Exclusives, Quick Guide

As WonderCon draws near, a lot more information is being announced. Already this week we have the Programming Schedule for all three days of the convention (and check out our recommendations on what you can’t miss), as well as updates on exclusives, panels, and more.

  • Jamie Sullivan, an artist for I.E. Comics & Games, will be taking commissions for WonderCon. You can find more details, including prices, on I.E.’s Facebook.
  • Comic-Con International has announced the complete schedule and list of games over the WonderCon weekend. There will be sanctioned tournaments, which require a small materials fee, for HeroClix, Kaijudo, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, or the free games include Cool Mini or Not, Never Peak Games, Play it Painted, and Steve Jackson Games. For the complete list, including the schedule, check out Comic-Con International’s website.
  • CCI has updated their programming schedule with several limited signings for various TV programs, including Revolution and Salem on Friday, or Bob’s Burgers, Once Upon a Time (which includes newly-announced cast members for the panel Josh Dallas and Rebecca Mader), and The 100 on Saturday. Tickets for the signings can be drawn at 12PM on Friday, or 10AM on Saturday at WonderCon Booth #585.
  • will be returning to WonderCon this year, and you can visit them at Booth #1504, where you can also pick up “an assortment of shirts and other items” for sale. The site has unveiled the first look at their WonderCon exclusive shirt:

torn the hobbit wondercon shirt

  • Vinyl Pulse has unveiled Hyperactive Monkey’s 2014 WonderCon exclusive – The GID Blue Spirit Pocket Monkey Kung Fu Master. The piece is 3″ tall and made of solid resin, and is available for $40 each at the Hyperactive Monkey Booth #1137. The figure is limited to only 45 pieces.

hyperactive monkey kung fu wondercon

  • The clothing line Fat Rabbit Farm announced on Facebook that it will have a “Heroes Assemble” WonderCon exclusive shirt available at its booth, #SP 30. The shirt will be available in both men and women’s sizes.

rabbits assemble wondercon

  • Kusovinyl announced on Instagram and it will also be bringing an exclusive to WonderCon: Inazuma Luckitty. The vinyl figure will be limited to 200 pcs and will be available at the Kusovinyl booth #1257.

kusovinyl wondercon

  • Comic-Con International has also unveiled the WonderCon Quick Guide, which includes maps, the already announced autographs and panel schedules, and more. This guide will also be handed out to attendees when they pick up their badge next week.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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