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A Guide to Obtaining SDCC Hasbro Exclusives

There is no booth at San Diego Comic-Con that causes more elation or pain than Hasbro. With 2014 featuring favorites like Dinobots, Thanos, and Jabba to just name a few, this year looks to be one of the most difficult yet.  While obtaining these elusive treats is a hobby for most, there are a lot of pros out there that will be competing with us on the crowded convention floor. One quick search on eBay for “SDCC Hasbro” will quickly show you how much these exclusives can go for and as a result means we need to prep like the pros and use every trick we can to get those coveted geek trophies in our hands. In this guide we cover everything from line procedures to filling out the Hasbro order sheet to making sure your credit card company doesn’t hamper your chances at adding these collectibles to your collection:

Are you planning to hunt Hasbro this year? Any other tips you’d like to share? Join in on the conversation and let us know your plans for Hasbro this year in the comment section below.

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