WonderPost: Marvel, Francesco Francavilla, ‘Superman’ Reunion, Amy Mebberson, House of Darkly

Now that WonderCon badges and hotels are finally on sale, news about the April convention just keeps coming.

In today’s WonderPost, we’ve got updates on whether or not you’ll be seeing Marvel at this year’s convention, updates on the Superman Reunion, how to score commissions from some of your favorite artists, and more.

  • As we told you last time, The Caped Wonder has orchestrated a Superman Reunion for this year’s event. They’ve also now secured behind the scenes prints from photographer Ulvis Alberts, and will be selling them at their table.


  • Additionally, they’ve been able to add another actor to the Superman reunion: Jack O’Halloran, who portrayed the villain Non in both Superman and Superman II.


  • Artist Kevin Wada is currently accepting commissions for WonderCon, and you can find the details on his tumblr page. Prices range from $100-$300, and although his other convention commission lists are closed now, there’s “room to spare” on the WonderCon list.


  • Good Walrus Goods — cheerful, handmade products from artists Andrea Rosales and Cristina Rosales — will be headed to WonderCon this year, and they advise to “stay tuned for updates”.

  • The creator of CRAZYVERSE and Mike & Mindy, Jon Esparza, told a fan on Twitter that not only will he be at WonderCon, but it will “likely be the last major con” that he tables at. So if you want to find Esparza, do it in April.

  • Francesco Francavilla — the New York Times best-selling author and award-winning creator, comic book writer, artist, illustrator, and more — was recently announced as a Special Guest at this year’s event. For those hoping to score a commission from the legend, Francavilla has clarified on Twitter that he will not be taking pre-show sketches for WonderCon, but will be taking them directly at his table at the show.

  • Love artist Amy Mebberson and her Disney inspired pieces? She revealed on Twitter that she’ll be taking commissions for WonderCon, so that you can request your very own Mebberson-designed-artwork, likely opening in February.

  • Author of The Passion of Sergius and Bacchus, David Reddish, announced via Twitter that he will be headed to WonderCon.


  • Artist Kristafer Anka is currently taking commissions for WonderCon, with more details on his tumblr page.
  • House of Darkly, the maker of extremely adorable hand-crafted plush, jewelry, pins, and more, will be returning to both C2E2 and WonderCon this year. Check out her website for a look at some of her creations.

House of Darkly plush
House of Darkly plush
  • Comics publisher Comics Flophouse took to their blog to reveal that author Michael Aushenker’s “top secret new funny book” Slayer will be making its debut at WonderCon in April, before hitting SDCC.
  • If you booked a hotel for WonderCon, make sure that you note that the deadline for a full refund is February 26, 2015. After this date, all hotel cancellations will be non-refundable.

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  • There’s bad news ahead for fans of Marvel — it doesn’t look like the powerhouse company will be headed to WonderCon this year, making this the third year straight that Marvel will have skipped the convention since their last appearance in 2012. Ryan Penagos, the Executive Editorial Director of Marvel Digital Media, recently told a fan on Twitter that assuming Marvel had even a “12%” chance of attending the convention was a “generous number”.

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