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WonderPost: Autographs, Ivy Doomkitty, Tobias Gebhardt, California Browncoats, WonderCon After-Party, Plush Exclusives

Less than two weeks until WonderCon, and we have news tons of beautiful and interesting art, from re-purposed NES cartridges to art made on logs, is available for your viewing and buying pleasure, as well as convention favorite Ivy Doomkitty, the official autograph schedule, and word of an afterparty.

Here’s some news you might have missed:

  • Caleb Paullus, illustrator and creative designer, revealed on Twitter a piece of hangable art in the form of an NES cartridge that he will have as a WonderCon exclusive.

  • Cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty announced on Twitter that she will be doing a limited signing at WonderCon at the Dial Up Games Booth (#752). Check out her Instagram for the specifics of her signing, cosplay, and panel schedule.

  • Tobias Gebhardt, an independent artist and illustrator, revealed on Instagram another print, or piece of a print, of his Hip-Hop Trooper series. There was another sneak peek in our last edition of the WonderPost. Looks like fun.
Tobias Gebhardt’s Hip Hop Trooper
  • Artist, Kelly Kao posted on Twitter a Teen Titans work in progress print for WonderCon.

  • Caped Wonder posted on Twitter that they will be selling Christopher Reeve dog tags at their WonderCon table. Caped Wonder celebrates the legacy of Christopher Reeve and proceeds from the the dog tags go to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

  • DD Studio Art released an image on Twitter of the Spidey on Avengers Tower print they will have available at WonderCon.

  • Sonic Boom Box announced on Twitter that the company is hosting a WonderCon after party sponsored by Nerd Block, featuring cosplay, dancing, bowling, drink specials and giveaways on Saturday, April 8, at 8PM at the Bowlmor Anaheim. You can find more information on the Facebook event page, and tickets to the VIP Afterparty are available on Eventbrite, starting at $30. Entry to the Bowlmor itself is free, and con attendees can even buy one game and get one free by showing their badge. Check out Facebook for more information about all the cool things happening.

  • Freelance children’s illustrator, Jillian Altmeyer, posted in Twitter pictures of the prints of Grass Eater and Banjos she will be selling at WonderCon. Here is another tweet of of some more. Absolutely adorable.

  • Sharon Lee, the graphic designer behind Sharodactyl Art, posted buttons on her Tumblr that she will have available at WonderCon.
Sharodactyl’s WonderCon Buttons
  • WonderCon has official released this year’s autograph signing schedule. On Friday, you’ll be able to get autographs from talent like Becky Cloonan and the voice cast of the DC animated film Batman vs. Robin. On Saturday, stop by to get something signed by Sam Humphries, Babs Tarr, Devin Grayson, the voice cast of Teen Titans Go!, and more. Finally, on Sunday, you can stop by again for two Becky Cloonan signings, or to get an autograph from John Ostrander. You can find the full schedule on MySched, but all WonderCon signings will take place at Booth #233.
©2014 WBEI
Teen Titans Go! signing at SDCC 2014 ©2014 WBEI
  • Illustrator and concept artist, Matt Doering, posted on Twitter some of his new log art for WonderCon. As a fan of Twin Peaks, this could be an homage to the Log Lady.  Doering is currently working as a Concept Artist for RED Interactive Agency and previously worked for Disney Interactive.

  • Artist Gabby Zapata (and her adorable cat Minnie) posted on Twitter a picture of art prints and the packing process for WonderCon. There will be more to come in April. Zapata currently works for Disney Interactive.

  • Board artist, animator, and YouTube host, Andrew Dickman has posted pictures on Twitter of his art prints for WonderCon. He will be at the Starfield Creations Booth (Small Press 095). Dickman also has a webcomic called Roomies.

  • Flat Bonnie and Friends, and maker of adorable plushes, recently announced two of her WonderCon exclusives: Sparq the Baby Dragon Sour Candy Edition ($50), and BunEwok ($35). Both are currently available on her website, and hurry, because according to Urban Vinyl Daily, only 20 Sparq’s exist, and only 25 of the BunEwok’s were made.



  • Digital illustrator, Chandler Ford unveiled Batman prints for WonderCon on Twitter.  She will be at artist alley table A-42.


  • The California Browncoats have posted a WonderCon exclusive on Twitter: A limited edition 57th Overlanders Challenge Coin. They are individually numbered and there are only 100 available.

  • Comic-Con International may not have posted information about food trucks yet (we’re waiting!), but they have told you where you can park your regular, non-food -truck vehicle.

wca2015_parkingmap_0Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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