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With less than three months to go before San Diego Comic-Con, con season is officially here. Which means that news definitely starts picking up from here on out. Today, we’ve got updates about some Aquabats exclusive pajamas, some Action Figure Xpress exclusives you’ll be able to pre-order this week, updates on what Mondo and Loot Crate have up their sleeves for the convention, and even a very good sign that Falling Skies will return for a final panel at SDCC.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Our friends at Toddland are returning to San Diego Comic-Con, and it looks like they’ll be bringing some Aquabats pajamas for attendees as well. According to what Toddland told a fan, they have enough fabric “to make about 60 pairs” and might pre-sell the pajamas online, as well as other Toddland SDCC exclusives. We’re pretty excited.

  • But that’s not all the Toddland news. Where will you be able to buy these awesome exclusives? At their booth on the show floor, which is in the same place as last year, they told a fan on Twitter. Right next to the Hello Kitty booth (which is also good news for fans of Hello Kitty).

  • Co-creator of the Eisner-nominated, New York Times bestselling The Manhattan Projects, Nick Pitarra, told a fan on Twitter that he will be at San Diego Comic-Con along with Felix Comic Art, who Pitarra has done some work for.

  • It’s mostly too early for San Diego Comic-Con panel news, with one exception: The Comics Arts Conference. Each year, academics and the CAC present a more in-depth look at the world of comics and pop culture as part of San Diego Comic-Con, and according to writer and comics scholar JD Boucher, he’ll be part of this year’s program, as he will be presenting a paper on Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel.

  • Singer Marian Call will be headed to San Diego Comic-Con, and though she told a fan in Twitter that her performance will “probably not” be part of w00tstock, she will be performing “somewhere”. We’ll keep you updated with more details as we find them.

  • Good news, Looters. Loot Crate announced on Twitter that they have been confirmed for a booth at San Diego Comic-Con, and will be located in Hall A in “a big, big way”. Sounds exciting.

  • Just as we previously reported, Gallery Nucleus is headed back to San Diego Comic-Con for the tenth year. But now, thanks to an update on their website, we know at least two of their SDCC exclusives: a Skull Girls Game poster by artist Alex Ahad, and a Wizard of Oz print by Nicholas Delort.
  • According to their Facebook page, Fugitive Toys will be headed back to San Diego Comic-Con as well — and fingers crossed for some more awesome Funko exclusive team-ups.
  • Artist Alex Nino’s self published book, Art Quest of Alex Nino, will be available at San Diego Comic-Con. The hardcover first edition will feature 132 pages of his own unique styles and techniques.

art quest of alex nino

  • Even though Dark Horse skipped WonderCon this year, they won’t be missing out on all the fun of Comic-Con. Dark Horse writer Zack Keller told a fan on Twitter that he’ll be doing a signing, along with “super secret give aways”.


  • The nonprofit Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum is returning to San Diego Comic-Con, and hinted that they’ll have “a member of Futurama” who wasn’t at their WonderCon booth, but will be at their SDCC booth. Start placing your bets now.

  • Artist Peter Nguyen has added San Diego Comic-Con to his list of conventions scheduled for 2015, and commissions are now open. You can find more information on his tumblr.
peter nguyen
Peter Nguyen artwork
  • Popular pop culture poster makers Mondo promised via Twitter that they’re working on ideas for SDCC, though they stated that they’re not as “inspired” as the ideas they have for their own convention, MondoCon.

  • Fourhorsemen Toydesign and Action Figure Xpress are teaming up for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. From the looks of their Facebook page, there will be two Ravens exclusives, one fully painted, and one clear option. Both exclusives will be available for pre-sale on Monday, April 13, at 3PM ET, and be available for pre-order through Saturday, April 18, at 3PM. Fourhorsemen promied “pricing and details about the sale will be posted on Monday before the pre-order begins”, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information. Here’s a closer look at the figures:
  • Looks like good news for fans of Falling Skies. Actress Sarah Carter posted on her Facebook page that the fans of the series “mean the world to us”, and that she’ll “see you at Comic-Con International in July”. The final season of Falling Skies begins airing June 28, meaning it would presumably by the show’s final visit to the convention.

Screen shot 2015-04-12 at 7.51.47 AM

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