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Under the Tents: Mashable House, American Gods, Naomi Kyle, The Goon, Patrick Ballesteros

It’s been the busiest week so far in the world of Comic-Con news – with news about Nerd HQ’s 2015 plans, including our interview with Zachary Levi and David Coleman, word of Hannibal‘s return, Doctor Who‘s switch to a Thursday Hall H panel, and much more. But we aren’t finished yet, and today, we’ve got updates on Mashable, American Gods, IGN’s Naomi Kyle, and much more.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Ken Taya, the artist behind Enfu, posted on their Facebook that he is working on food themed art prints for SDCC 2015. This ramen one looks good enough to eat.
Enfu Ramen Print
Enfu Ramen Print
  • Artist Sara Diesel posted on Instagram a work in progress for SDCC.  Diesel will be attending SDCC with the help of the Kevin Workman Foundation Sponsorship program we reported on recently.
Sara Diesel Work in Progress
Sara Diesel Work in Progress
  • Eric Powell, the artist behind The Goon, posted a photo on Instagram of his Comic-Con exclusive edition of The Goon that IDW will be offering. Judging from the size, this may be the largest exclusive you’ll find at the con.
The Goon Comic-Con Edition
The Goon Comic-Con Edition
The Goon BIG Book
The Goon BIG Book
  • Tom Bancroft posted on Instagram a picture of his 48-page color sketchbook he will be selling at San Diego Comic-Con.
Tom Bancroft's Sketchbook
Tom Bancroft’s Sketchbook
  • IGN’s web host Naomi Kyle will be headed back to Comic-Con this year for “free autographs & pics”, according to Twitter, with more details being announced soon.

  • Den of Geek recently interviewed Bryan Fuller about Hannibal (which is now officially returning to SDCC this year), and they got a little extra information about his and Michael Green’s adaption of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. The series hasn’t been officially picked up, but when it is, Fuller revealed that Gaiman wants to do a full cast reveal at a Comic-Con. The series, if it’s picked up at all, won’t be coming out until likely late 2016 – so any announcement might not even be for this year. Here’s the full quote from the article:

Neil [Gaiman’s] plan—and Neil’s very internet savvy—what Neil would like to do is cast Laura and Shadow and Wednesday and Mad Sweeney and Bilquis, because Bilquis will be a major character in the show, and the Technical Boy and then trot them all out on-stage at a Comic-Con coming up. That’s his plan. He’s saying “I don’t want to make any casting announcements, I want to announce the cast in full when they walk out on stage at a Comic-Con.”


  • Mashable is bringing the Mashable House to SDCC for the first time this year. They’ll be at the Luce Loft from Friday, July 10 – Saturday, July 11, “along with the biggest heroes and villains from pop culture, digital media and the Internet”. What does it mean? We don’t know – but we do know that you can sign up now.


  • On Tour 24/7 are looking for some more talent to help out during the convention. They’re currently hiring 100-200 event staff and promotional models/brand ambassadors, so if that interests you, you can find more information on their site.

Author Anna Todd revealed on Instagram that she will be having a as-of-yet-undisclosed panel, as well as an autograph signing taking place at Mira Mesa on July 10 at 7PM.


  • This year’s recipients of the Bill Finger Award have been announced on Comic-Con International’s website. The recipients are Don McGregor and John Stanley, and you can find more information on their storied careers on CCI’s site.
  • Patrick Ballesteros unveiled another look at one of his “25 Cent Wonders” pieces, which feature kid-ified pop culture icons on old-fashioned kid rides. Here’s a look at the latest one that will be available at SDCC:

  • Ballesteros also revealed that he will be doing a Supernatural themed one, that will be revealed in the next couple of weeks.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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