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‘Heroes: Reborn’ Will Have Presence at San Diego Comic-Con [UPDATE June 1]

Looks like we have our first reveal of what TV shows you can expect at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, as one eagle-eyed Twitter user caught an ad in the official Comic-Con app promoting NBC’s Heroes: Reborn, with the words “This summer at Comic-Con” across the top.

heroes reborn ad

Although the app is still only updated with 2014 information, the ads at least are new — as another ad prompting users to register for sister-show WonderCon Anaheim also appears.

[UPDATE June 1] We have confirmed with NBC that there will indeed be a panel for Heroes: Reborn at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, though there’s no word yet on date or room. The list of who will be returning is also still unknown, but given that Zachary Levi is already in town for Nerd HQ, he seems like a very safe bet, in addition to hopefully some new and returning favorites.

[PREVIOUS] There’s no word yet on whether or not Heroes: Reborn‘s Comic-Con presence will also include an offsite — but NBC is known to go all out for the convention. For the past several years, they’ve not only done offsite installations like last year’s The Blacklist Tin Fish makeover. Given that Heroes: Reborn is already a Comic-Con fan favorite (that stars Nerd HQ brainchild Zachary Levi), it seems like a no brainer to get the biggest push at this year’s convention, ahead of its fall premiere date.

The series, which will consist of a 13-episode standalone story arc, will see original series stars Jack Coleman and Masi Oka in an all-new story, along with Levi, Gatlin Green, Ryan Guzman, Robbie Kay, and more. It could be a very full Ballroom 20 stage.

Heroes: Reborn is currently filming, with Levi posting a photo of some of the new — and returning — cast just earlier today:

Are you excited about Heroes: Reborn being at Comic-Con in some capacity? Let us know in the comments.

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