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2015 SDCC Guide to LEGO Giveaways and Exclusives

With eye-popping displays and ultra elusive exclusives, the LEGO booth is well known as one of the must see spots at San Diego Comic-Con each year. That said, with limits of product in the low hundreds, it’s also one of the biggest heartbreakers on the floor. History is filled with tales of being one of the first people on the exhibit hall floor, only to find the booth to be a messy thrall of attendees hearing LEGO employees bark out that the line is already capped.

This frenzied scene seems to be changing as LEGO has announced new procedures for exclusives this year. They’ll still be ultra-rare, but might we have a shot? Take a look here for information on the changes to exclusives at Lego this year, as well as some talk about how giveaways work at the booth:

You can also find a list of all of LEGO’s exclusives and mini-figs in our LEGO post.

Will you be fighting for a brick trophy of your own at SDCC? Let us know in the comments below:

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