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Experiencing the FX Fearless Arena at Comic-Con 2015

You couldn’t miss the hotel wrap for FX’s The Strain looming over us from the Hilton Bayfront, promoting the summer episodes of the series, and creeping out more than a few con-goers. On the lawn next to the hotel, FX Networks set up their Fearless Arena with four main activations for The Strain, American Horror Story, Fargo, and the upcoming series The Bastard Executioner. The arena was open to all passerby and Hall H line-sitters, so hopefully you took advantage of their It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia sunscreen station, or the Archer water fountains with their Pam Poovey dolphin nozzles.

With the Fargo station, you were taken inside of a clear dome for a snowglobe photo op, posing with the Waffle Hut and a dead body, as it began to snow around you. Sadly, the dead body is not immediately visible in my photo…

The American Horror Story activation promoted their upcoming series’ theme, Hotel, and the set-up was a lot of fun. Teams of four were taken to individual rooms, which became a cash-grabing wind tunnel. The person who grabbed the most AHS-branded money would get a gift card. All participants received a trading card and AHS room key.

The Strain‘s activation sat attendees in a creepy room with a Samsung Gear VR headset for an immersive experience from the show. More about The Strain‘s VR experience can be found on VRScout. The set-up for The Bastard Executioner sent 2 people through a winding path where they faced off against each other in 3 challenges: Strength, archery skill, and puzzle solving. The winner of these challenges received an Executioner hooded T-shirt.

Another video, from Parks and Cons, of their walkthrough of the Arena as the experience was being set-up:

Did you attend the FX Arena and get some sunscreen? Let us know in the comments below!

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