Details About WonderCon 2016 RFID Badge Process Revealed

Look for these locations around the convention center
Look for these locations around the convention center

For the first time this year, Comic-Con International will be using RFID technology in their badges, at both WonderCon and San Diego Comic-Con. Today, they revealed a bit more information about how that process will look.

From their site, here’s what you need to know:

At various access points in and around the Los Angeles Convention Center, you will encounter gates with a large “Tap Here” indicator… All you need to do is tap your badge briefly to the indicator. When you do, you’ll get a green light that indicates you’ve been validated and are okay to enter. When you leave, you must also tap your badge out so you may re-enter when you return. 

It’s unclear yet if these signs will be mostly located around entrance/exit areas, or if they’ll also be required for various panel rooms and the exhibit floor.

CCI goes on to state that it’s “extremely important you remember to tap your badge when you leave, or you could be denied re-entry and sent to the customer service desk in a different location. If you are sent to customer service to resolve a badging issue, you will need a photo ID to validate that you are the badge holder of record.”

As we said last week when Comic-Con International revealed that WonderCon 2016 in Los Angeles would be using RFID badges – expect this to basically be a test run for the same technology at San Diego Comic-Con.

Plenty of other conventions use RFID – including New York Comic Con – so it’s entirely possible that this new system won’t take more than a few seconds out of an attendee’s day. The real test, in our opinion, is going to be whether CCI has adequate signage and enough tap-portals. Hopefully with WonderCon serving as a test run, they’ll have perfected the system for SDCC.

You can read more about the process on the Toucan Blog.

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