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Under the Tents: Nerd HQ, Toddland, Comic-Con HQ & IBM, Nickelodeon, Once Upon a Time Rock Opera

We’re just over three months away from San Diego Comic-Con, which means there’s plenty of news to be found. In today’s edition of Under the Tents, we’ve got updates on Toddland, Comic-Con HQ’s partnership with IBM, potential news from Nerd HQ and Nickelodeon, and a cool offsite for Once Upon a Time fans.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • If you can’t wait to see what our friends over at Toddland up their sleeves for San Diego Comic-Con, you don’t have to wait much longer. As they announced on Twitter, we’ll be announcing their exclusives right here on the UBlog “around” May 2, so stay tuned for more.

  • Get ready to rock San Diego Comic-Con, Oncers. The Once Upon a Time Rock Opera group have announced that they’ll be performing live again at the con this year on Saturday, July 23 – and tickets will go on sale in May.

  • A Nickelodeon producer mentioned on Twitter that they’re “already neck deep” in SDCC planning for 2016 – and though they wouldn’t offer more details, we expect great things.

  • Rhianna Pratchett, writer and daughter of acclaimed author of the late Terry Pratchett. announced on Twitter that there will be an announcement about her adaption of her father’s Wee Free Men at SDCC this year. Rhianna announced a few years ago that she was adapting the novel for a feature length movie.

  • Actress and model Anastasia Washington revealed on Facebook that she’ll be back at San Diego Comic-Con this year.


  • Geek Chic, the maker of heirloom quality hardwood gaming tables, will have a booth at SDCC this year.

  • Tess Fowler, best known for her work on Rat Queens, revealed on Twitter that she’ll likely be signing at SDCC.

  • While there have been no official announcements about this year’s Nerd HQ, when asked about the possibility on Twitter, The Nerd Machine said, “Let’s just say there is a lot of traveling to San Diego these days”. Fingers crossed for an announcement soon.

  • If you couldn’t get your hands on last year’s Entertainment Earth/Bif Bang Pow! Penny Dreadful SDCC exclusives, TV Insider may have your answer. They’re giving away a prize pack of Penny Dreadful SDCC exclusives, including action figures and a sketchbook deluxe journal. You can find out more, and enter to win, on TV Insider’s site.


  • IBM announced today that their IBM Cloud Video platform, Clearleap, will be powering Comic-Con HQ. As part of its multi-year deal, IBM Cloud Video will serve as CCHQ’s technology partner to power their live-streamed video productions, back-end support for subscriber and content management, billing, and video compatibility on multiple devices. You can find out more in the press release.


  • For those eagerly awaiting news on NECA’s next wave of Heroes of the Storm figures, you won’t have to wait much longer. NECA told a fan on Twitter today that there will be more news at SDCC.

  • The Awkward Yeti, home of web comics like Heart and Brain, revealed that they’ll be exhibiting at SDCC.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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