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Under The Tents: Geek & Sundry, Mattel Monster High, Marked Men, Jamie McKelvie, Playge Toys

Welcome to another edition of Under The Tents where we bring you all the SDCC related news in one convenient location! We are only 71 nights of sleep away from the start of SDCC, and soon you’ll be dreaming about waiting in line somewhere at the con.

In this edition, we bring you news on Hop-Con 4.0, Jamie McKelvie attending SDCC, a Playge Toys teaser, a Monster High exclusive, and much more.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Creator of the hit comic series THE WICKED + The DIVINE, Jamie McKelvie, recently tweeted out that he only has one US con appearance left this year: SDCC. We’ll have to wait and see in what capacity however, the series was optioned to be adapted for television by Universal.

  • Playge Toys, makers of vinyl figures such as the Squadt figure line, recently shared a sneak peak of their SDCC box design. No word yet if this is for a possible SDCC exclusive but those announcements should start happening soon.

  • The Amanda Connor drawn bottle design for the latest w00tstout, Stone, was recently revealed via The stout, along with a litho of the artwork, will be available at Hop-Con 4.0 which takes place during SDCC.


  • Nidhi Chanani recently confirmed on Twitter that they’ll been returning to the small press area at SDCC.

  • Artist Chris Burnham, known for his work on the comic series Batman Incorporated, will be opening up a pre-commission list for SDCC for the first time. He recently tweeted the details on how to contact him to get on the list.

  • Illustrator S.J. Miller recently tweeted that she will be in attendance at SDCC to promote JIC.

  • Mary Bellamy, comic book and trading card artist who has worked on titles like My Little Pony, confirmed on Twitter that she will have 11 mini prints available for SDCC including three that are MLP. If you or someone you know is into MLP, stopping by her table should be on your to-do list.

  • Looks like colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick is possibly holding a coloring panel at SDCC. Kelly was recently reaching out to a fellow artist on Twitter about being a participant in the panel. Keep in mind that CCI has not started sending out panel confirmations as of yet though, so the panel isn’t confirmed at this point (but panel confirmations will likely start going out in the next few weeks).

  • Lisa Maria Varon, best known as former WWE Women’s Champion Victoria, recently confirmed she will be attending SDCC among other conventions in the coming months.
  • The director of marketing for both Geek & Sundry and Nerdist, Rachel Romero, answered a question on Twitter about returning to Petco Park for an offsite event during SDCC, and it looks like the popular offsite will be back at last year’s location.

  • Jim Balent recently announced on his site the SDCC exclusive sketchbook: Drawn Together vol 10. The book features art from Jim Balent and Holly G, it is also limited to 100 copies. You can reserve a copy if you’re not attending SDCC for $25 with an expected ship date of August.


  • Geeky Hooker, the creator of our favorite crocheted critters that are dropped randomly around the convention center for attendees to follow along with and find, has added two Marvel-ous editions this week: Captain America and Iron Man, in honor of Captain America: Civil War.

  • Want to work in a temp role during SDCC? The staffing agency ATN Promo is looking for several individuals for various positions to work the con. The company recently posted on their Facebook page about the jobs. It is an hourly paid position but it doesn’t clarify if you’ll actually be inside the convention center or outside of the convention center.


  • News on exclusives has been a bit slow so far for 2016, but that’s all about to change. The official Monster High Twitter account announced today that the first Mattel Monster High SDCC exclusive will be revealed this Friday the 13th. It looks to be Ghostbusters related – and considering Monster High is already arguably Mattel’s hottest exclusives each year, expect this one to be very in demand.

  • Gather round, me hearties, as we’ve got some bad news for the pirates in our mist. The annual Marked Men Party won’t be happening this year, but they promise on Facebook that they “will return next year in full force”. Until then, local pirate-lovers can still get a hearty dose of the pirate life with Pirate Days at the Maritime Museum on May 21-22.
Marked Men won’t set sail in 2016.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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