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Under the Tents: Wynonna Earp, Entertainment Earth, Nigel Sade, Adobe, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Pin Up The Movie

Can you believe we are already in the middle of May? It will be June before you know it, which means the SDCC news is popping up everywhere with news related to exclusives, appearances, offsites and more. In this edition of Under the Tents, we have SDCC news about a Wynonna Earp fan meetup, past booths from UCLA Writers’ Program and Mysterious Galaxy returning to the exhibit floor, Dark Oz comics, and much more!

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Nigel Sade Fine Art will be returning once again to SDCC. An event page recently popped up on Facebook announcing the artist’s apperance in San Diego. Nigel has quite the summer lined up with appearances at Phoenix Comicon and Anime Expo before his stop at SDCC.


  • Armando Huerta, best known for his pin-up art, recently tweeted out that actress and model Sarah Hunter will be at his booth at SDCC. Hunter will be with Huerta on Friday July 22 at Booth #5553.

  • Photoshop fans, your attention please! SDCC regular and Adobe engineer Daniel Presedo dropped a little nugget of information on Twitter. He revealed that the Adobe Photoshop booth will have a new location at SDCC this year. Stay tuned for the “juicy details”!

  • Think Speak, the all-in-one film/books/media company, has something exciting in store for fans at SDCC according to a recent tweet. What is the exciting news? No answer yet but keep your eye on their Twitter account as we get closer to June.

  • Fans on the Wynonna Earp comic and recent ScyFy series should be excited to hear about the 1st annual Earper Fan Meet Up during SDCC. No other details yet from the recently created Twitter account but as soon as those details are announced, we will have them here at the UBlog.

  • Speaking of Wynnona Earp, it was recently tweeted out from series creator Beau Smith, that he will indeed be at SDCC. Smith has also worked on comic titles such as Spawn and Guy Gardner, while also writing the stories for several video games. Could Smith’s appearance be related to a panel for Wynonna Earp? Only time will tell.

  • We’ve known that author Sherrilyn Kenyon will be returning to SDCC but the mystery was what booth. Well, that mystery has been solved thanks to a recent Facebook post, and she will be returning to her normal Booth #1700.
  • Artist HANGBoY recently revealed on his Instagram account his Revolutionary War inspired art prints at SDCC. Crossing an ice filled river is not necessary to get your hands on this print.


  • Masked Republic is promoting the wrestling event put on by FCW during SDCC. They recently posted a promo photo on Instagram of the events that take place both Friday June 22 and Saturday June 23. Tickets go on sale June 18 for the event. Masked Republic will also have a booth at SDCC where they will be promoting the event. Just don’t put anyone in an armbar.


  • Are you a fan of the comic Rickety Stitch? If you are and own one of the Knight-Errant Banner t-shirts, make sure to wear it during SDCC! According to the Rickety Stitch website, if you wear the shirt and visit their booth, you will be rewarded with a special Rickety Stitch gift! Here are what the shirts look like they want fans to wear to their booth:



  • The UCLA Writers’ Program is returning to SDCC according to their website. They’ll be at their table explaining the benefits of joining the writing program at UCLA which specializes in creative writing and screenwriting.
  • Creator of Dark Oz Comics, Darren Koziol, recently tweeted out that some of the Dark Oz lineup of comics will be at SDCC this year. No word on if a Dark Oz booth will be present or the comics will be a part of another booth.

  • Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore looks to be at SDCC again according to their website. Mysterious Galaxy specializes in science fiction and fantasy books among other genres and in the past, has been located at Booth #1119. No word if it is the same this year but keep your eye on the exhibitor location list from CCI in the coming weeks.
  • Comic artist Jeff Strokely revealed to a fan on Twitter that he’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

  • The independent film Pin Up! The Movie, a documentary about the modern pin up girl and the women who inspire her and the subculture, will be headed to CCI’s Independent Film Festival this July.


  • Are you a Marvel cosplayer? Then you may be able to participate in a project for Marvel. A user on The RPF forum posted that Judy Stephens of Marvel is looking to meet with cosplayers before the con, and you can find more information on the forum.
GeekShot Exclusive Series Vol 2 Week 18 - Spider-Gwen cosplay WonderCon Gwen Stacy Spider-Man
Photo by GeekShot Photography
  • Good news, exclusives fans: Entertainment Earth will begin unveiling their popular San Diego Comic-Con exclusives on Tuesday, May 31, with daily updates leading up to the con. Are you excited? You should be. As always, we’ll be sharing the daily updates right here on the SDCC Unofficial Blog.
  • Artist Nic ter Horst is now accepting commissions for San Diego Comic-Con.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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