Funko Pop! Up Shop Not Returning in 2018

In their Twitter Q&A this afternoon, Funko made the surprising announcement that they have no plans for their popular annual Pop! Up Shop to return during Comic-Con.

The past two years, Funko has opened up their “Funko South” design studio in downtown San Diego to the general public as an exclusives store during SDCC. Last year, the shop took on a Saturday Morning Cartoons theme and fans lined up several days in advance for a chance to purchase the exclusive Pop!s and other merchandise that was only available at the Funko Pop! Up Shop.

Funko’s downtown location has been used in the past to host charity art shows — last year they hosted a Marvin the Martian custom Dorbz exhibit after the shop had closed — so the company may still have something else up it’s sleeve!

Funko will, of course, have their regular booth of exclusives on the San Diego Comic-Con convention floor.

What are your thoughts on the Funko Pop! Up Shop not returning this year? Leave a comment below!

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