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Convention Center Visual Guide for San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Is it really that time of year again? How is it just 30 days until the King of Cons opens its doors? With San Diego Comic-Con seemingly right around the corner, it was time for us to go back onsite and look at some of the nuances that maximize the fun at the show. That said, this first video in this year’s series is one we’ve never produced before.

With the help of San Diego Convention Center Chair Gil Cabrera, we’re excited to bring you a brand new type of video where we go inside the San Diego Convention Center and talk about a few tips we’ve not shared in past visual guides.

We have several tips here that we’ve not shared in our video series before, so grab your note pad and follow along with us:

What other tips do you have? We’re certain there are many more helpful ideas that you’ve found inside the convention center. Let us know in the comments below, so we can all make the most of this year’s con.

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