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San Diego Getting All Wrapped Up in Comic-Con 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like… San Diego Comic-Con!

[UPDATE July 17 #2]

Fillion is almost ready for his close-up and the Whiskey is ready for serving:

[UPDATE July 17]

He is Han Llion no more! Nathan Fillion’s name is finally fully visible, as the wrap for The Rookie goes up.

The wrap for Whiskey Cavalier is also further along.

[UPDATE July 16 – #2]

The Whiskey Cavalier wrap on Petco has come a long way, with the Scott Foley side now complete. They’re working on the Lauren Cohen side now.

But in bigger news, the other side of Petco will be… Nathan Fillion, for The Rookie!

[UPDATE July 16]

A wrap for ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier is currently going up on one side of Petco Park.

There’s another wrap going up on the other side – but we’re not sure what it’s for just yet.

Meanwhile, there’s also a wrap for Jack Ryan that’s almost complete.

[UPDATE July 14 – Marriott Dragon Ball]

Outside Comic-Con got the details on a brand new wrap going up on the Marriott Marquis, for Dragon Ball Super. Work has really just started:

But here’s what it should look like when complete:

[UPDATE July 13 – The Omni Jack Ryan]

As listeners of Parks and Cons podcast learned yesterday – the back of the Omni will be a wrap for Amazon’s Jack Ryan series, with what looks to be a super-sized John Krasinski looking upon con goers. While it’s not up yet, there will also be a wrap up soon for Mr. Mercedes.

[UPDATE July 13 – Team Coco]

The Conan wrap has come a long way in just a few short hours.

[UPDATE July 13 – Hilton Bayfront]

Something trippy this way comes. A new wrap has started to be installed on the Hilton Bayfront this year – featuring some very trippy looking artwork. Could it be Mayans M.C., as the second season poster for Legion actually debuted on the Hilton Bayfront last year? Could it be American Horror Story? Or something else? Time will tell.

Parks and Cons got a look.

[UPDATE July 13 – #2]

Wrap work has really just begun on the Marriott Marquis – but it’s going to be for Conan! The artwork appears to match this year’s poster.

Parks and Cons got a look.

[UPDATE July 13]

There’s a wrap currently going in over at The Omni – and it looks like The GiftedParks and Cons got a look.

[UPDATED July 11]

Parks and Cons stopped by for a closer look, including the second Tomb Raider banner:


Banners have (finally) appeared on the Hilton Bayfront parking garage, and that means it can’t be long before we see large wraps and banners on Petco Park and the various other hotels in the Gaslamp district.

This year, the Hilton Bayfront parking garage is all decked out in Square Enix, representing two of their games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts III. It’s a little odd seeing Disney characters splashed out across the Gaslamp, but we’re certainly not mad about it.

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