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Signs of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Are Appearing in the Gaslamp

Everything’s coming up Comic-Con, as the pop culture juggernaut kicks off next week. Our own Parks and Cons is on the ground to catch it.

[UPDATE July 17 – #15]

I’m not crying at all of The Good Place branding – you’re crying.

[UPDATE July 17 – #14]

Welcome to the jungle. The Shadow of the Tomb Raider offsite is overtaking the gaslamp near the Broken Yolk:


[UPDATE July 17 – #13]

The elevators at The Omni have now been wrapped for Mr. Mercedes.

Purge City, for all your Purge Night needs, is underway.

Over at TeamCocoHouse, things are looking pretty much finalized.

There’s also a building wrap up now for Star Trek: Discovery.

[UPDATE July 17 – #12]

Whether you want to enter a nightmare town or a martial arts tournament, offsites at San Diego Comic-Con have you covered. Setup continues on Castle Rock and Dragonball Z:

[UPDATE July 17 – #11]

Things are moving along at The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead Dead Quarters and the South Park Escape Room:

[UPDATE July 17 – #10]

Here’s a closer look at The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead Dead Quarters setup:

And over at DC, things are really kicking:

[UPDATE July 17 – #9]

Are you ready for the Taco Bell Demolition Man 25th Anniversary Pop-Up? Because I know we are.

There’s also a lot of work complete on the exterior for the Mr. Mercedes offsite.

[UPDATE July 17 – #8]

George from Rampage is now reigning over the grassy area near the Omni, where Kong was last year.

Setup continues at Bubbles Boutique for all things Snoopy and Peanuts. Do the Snoopy dance!

The Mr. Mercedes wrap is almost complete on the Omni.

There are banners up now for The Good Place!

And another look at the new Project Blue Book banner:

[UPDATE July 17 – #7]

Over at the J. Michael Wolf Gallery, setup has begun for the Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe Exhibit.

[UPDATE July 17 – #6]

There’s more activity over by the Omni, with the Iron Giant being assembled.

And there’s also now signage up for Project Blue Book.

[UPDATE July 17 – #5]

It looks like attendees at the Dead Quarters are in for a special surprise. We caught a glimpse of some boxes of Funko items marked “Shiva the Tiger” heading to the offsite — which isn’t a Pop! that’s been previously announced.

[UPDATE July 17 – #4]

The town of Castle Rock is still being assembled.

At the New Children’s Museum, SYFY got a paint job.

Jack Ryan has come a long way, but still has a long way still to go.

The South Park Escape Room has some fun elements outside right now.

Over at The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead Dead Quarters, some building structures have gone up.

The zombie slide:


[UPDATE July 17 – #3]

Things are well under-way over at the Dragon Ball Super offsite at the Marriott.

[UPDATE July 17 – #2]

Rampage! George from Rampage is on a truck, heading to his photo op spot by the Omni.

Inside the Hilton Bayfront, elevator wraps have started for The Walking Dead.

[UPDATE July 17]

The Zombie slide over at AMC’s The Walking Dead Dead Quarters is starting to be assembled.

Meanwhile, there’s even MORE signage for Manifest – and a new wrap up for Netflix’s Disenchantment.

Over at The Good Place, things are looking pretty good.

There’s also a massive Iron Giant being assembled in front of the Omni – presumably for the Ready Player One experience.

Wrap work has started on the Omni for Mr. Mercedes.

And over at The Purge, things are getting colorful.

[UPDATE July 16 – #9]

The Purge and The Good Place offsite setups continue into the night. Hold on to your forking shirts, they aren’t done yet!

[UPDATE July 16 – #8]

The Ready Player One offsite has more artwork decorating the windows now.

And setup has begun on The Purge.

[UPDATE July 16 – #7]

Snoopy and his pals return to their usual spot at Bubbles Boutique, with this year featuring a collective of artists’ takes on your favorite Peanuts characters.

There’s nothing to really see yet for The Purge store taking over the Padres Store at Petco – but it looks like it’s going to be very, um, perky! Get your murder night tools here!

There’s additional signage inside the Hard Rock now for Manifest.

DC Universe Experience is looking a lot more put together.

The Good Place neighborhood has also come a long way in just a few hours.

[UPDATE July 16 – #6]

TeamCocoHouse is quickly being assembled.

Over at Mr. Mercedes, things are coming together. The interior of this dress shop:

is currently being refitted to resemble a computer bar from the series.

There might even be a downstairs.

The Pendry Hotel has a new Pop-Up Donut Shop that looks perfectly hipster-y, complete with some really funky art.

[UPDATE July 16 – #5]

There’s more signage up around the convention center now, with a reminder that just like last year, the Grand Staircase will be closed to the public during San Diego Comic-Con.

Additional signage on the DC Universe Experience, for Titans.

And then there’s been lots of activity on the Amazon Fire activation. There’s Lost in Space signage up there as well, so perhaps we’re also getting a lounge for that.

[UPDATE July 16 – #4]

Castle Rock looks mostly complete now, with the exterior of the Bed and Breakfast pretty much assembled.

Meanwhile, here’s another look at what looks like Shawshank barbed wire.

And the campsite:

[UPDATE July 16 – #3]

Calling all Gunters: the Warner Bros. Ready Player One activation has taken over the Omni, in what used to be home to the annual Game of Thrones offsite. There’s lots of signage up.

Meanwhile, along the MLK Promenade, something for Broad City is being installed.

And further down, at the Jack Ryan Experience, there’s lots of progress.

[UPDATE July 16 – #2]

AMC’s Dead Quarters also has several of the set pieces being laid out now.

Over at the Hard Rock, there’s lots of airline-themed signage for the Manifest Oxygen Bar.

And in the Gaslamp Quarter near the Tin Fish, The Good Place construction is well underway.

The Tin Fish is also ready for The Good Place.

[UPDATE July 16]

There’s not much yet to see over at the Spreckles Theatre, but Conan has started moving in.

Meanwhile, over at the DC Universe Experience, there’s been a lot of progress. The outside wrap is completed.

And the interior now features signs for The Death of Superman, Wonder Woman Blood, The Court of Owls, TitansDoom Patrol, and more.

Meanwhile, the Hard Rock is getting overlays for Marvel’s Iron Fist and NBC’s Manifest.

[UPDATE July 14]

Outside Comic-Con stopped by the Gaslamp this afternoon for a look at how things are progressing. The Tin Fish and the Gaslamp Quarter are starting to show signs of The Good Place neighborhood and takeover being assembled:

Meanwhile, the Children’s Park is showing lots of activity for the Castle Rock activation.

We suspect this could be a Shawshank Redemption prison.

We’re also getting a mannequin maze as part of the Castle Rock activation:

And finally, there’s a new banner going up on the Marriott! We suspect it might be for Dragon Ball.

[UPDATE July 13 – Jack Ryan]

A lot of progress has been made on the Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Fan Experience offsite, with the main building facade now mostly complete, and other elements still being worked on.

[UPDATE July 13 – The Gaslamp]

Things are definitely looking very Comic-Con-y, with an official banner now up on the convention center.

There are also some alerts up now in the area about the sidewalk closures, ahead of the full Harbor Drive closing.

There’s also a new wrap going up on the Marriott – though we’ll have to wait to see what that is going to be. There’s currently a wrap going up on the Omni as well for The Gifted, and we’ve heard to expect wraps for Mr. Mercedes and Jack Ryan on Parks and Cons podcast.

[UPDATE July 13 – LAIKA Live]

LAIKA Live officially opens later today, so last minute finishing touches are being put on the offsite. We’ll have a closer look at the full experience for you soon.

[UPDATE July 13 – The Good Place]

Construction on The Good Place – or is it… The Bad Place in disguise? – is underway in the Gaslamp Square right now. Parks and Cons took a look at some of the ongoing construction on what looks to be a pretty cool build:

[UPDATE July 11 – The Jack Ryan Fan Experience]

The Jack Ryan Fan Experience – which will be at the corner of MLK & 1st – will feature a groundbreaking escape room and virtual reality spy experience. The setup in San Diego has been ongoing for several days, and there’s some pretty impressive set pieces progressing during the build. From Parks and Cons, here’s a look:


[UPDATE July 11 – LAIKA]

Parks and Cons caught a look at the exterior for LAIKA Live, which will have three times the space of last year’s event. You can read more about the exhibit in yesterday’s announcement.

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