WonderPost: toddland, Nooligan, CLAUS Studios, Dan Veesenmeyer

Well, we made it – our last WonderPost for 2019. By this time tomorrow, we’ll all be wandering the Anaheim Convention Center exploring what looks to be a great WonderCon. We still have some news for you, so here’s one more WonderPost to help you navigate the convention. Want to know what’s up with Nooligan, toddland, and Justin Harder, among others? Then read on, fellow con warriors.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • The Comic Source Podcast will be at WonderCon 2019 with some epic swag. Not only will they give you a free lanyard if you find them, you’ll also have the chance to win a free iPad loaded with Batman comics if you find Jace at the convention. See their website for their official rules and how to enter.

  • Authors Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent are turning the cuteness up to 11 at Booth #903, where they’ll be signing copies of their books and have The Little Unicorn with them.

  • Artist Tom Neely got his Melville-inspired prints back just in time for WonderCon this weekend. Just don’t call him “Ishmael”.

  • Are you stopping by Booth #2052 to visit our good friends at toddland? If you weren’t planning on it, one look at these Bob’s Burgers screenprints they’re bringing with them may change your mind.


  • Digital comics publisher comiXology teased something new they’ll have at WonderCon at Booth #2151.

  • Roll a 12 or higher and head to Table #D-15 in Artists’ Alley, where you’ll find Marie Lum with her dice bags.


  • We’re always excited to see what Justin Harder’s CLAUS Studios brings to WonderCon. We mentioned the headshots he’s including with his throw blankets at Booth #1328 in a previous WonderPost. Harder recently tweeted the entire line-up of headshots you’ll find at his booth.

  • Comics writer Jim Zub will be at Booth #2151 with artist Max Dunbar, where they’re hosting some giveaways and the debut of the next release of Originals.

  • Character designer Jeff Victor is excited to debut his new book, The Ultimate Pop Culture Revolution, at Table #SP-90 in Small Press this weekend.

  • Disney artist Elsa Chang put her toucan note pads through a rigorous test process before approving them for Artists’ Alley Table #C-37.

  • Wait, he’s not Zelda? Proudly correct the public misconception of Link’s name with this enamel pin from Yesterdays you’ll find at Booth #1137.

  • There’s going to be some Pooh at artist Sean Forney’s Table #J-14 in Artists’ Alley with his exclusive poster Do You Pooh homage to Detective Comics #1000.

  • Were you able to get on artist Scott Williams’ WonderCon commission list? Since it filled up so quickly, he’s decided to bring some sketches with him to Table #A-51 in Artists’ Alley.

  • WonderCon is Whosits & Whatsits biggest convention of the year, so they’re bringing t-shirts, hats, and outerwear galore to Booth #1801. We’re not sure how much a “galore” is, so you’ll want to get there fast.

  • Artist Mikel Janin tweeted his signing schedule for WonderCon this year. When he’s not signing, look for him at Table #B-26 in Artists’ Alley.

  • If you were worried artist Val Hochberg wouldn’t have any of her Critical Role art stocked after ECCC, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll find plenty of it at Table #F-57 in Artists’ Alley.

  • Your spidey senses may tingle as you get close to Table #B-21 in Artists’ Alley. Fans of pop artist Nooligan can find his Spider-Man-themed exclusives and more of what he plans to debut on his blog.
  • Artist Chrissie Zullo had to disappoint her fans when she announced on Twitter she will not be able to attend WonderCon this year. We hope to see her back at WonderCon next year.

  • Another artist who had to cancel her appearance at WonderCon this year is Kate Carleton. She’s having a “special sale” this weekend instead, so if you were planning to grab something from her, you’ll still be able to do so.

Anything youโ€™re particularly excited about? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments,ย drop us a line, or tweet us atย @SD_Comic_Con.

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