Under The Tents: Doctor Who, Chrissie Zullo, Patrick Ballesteros, Viz Media, Ninjabot

Let’s try to take your mind off Round 2 of Hotelpocalypse with some fun and exciting announcements, shall we? We have several cosplay photoshoots, shiny foil prints from Val Hochberg, and so much more.

Let’s take a gander at the news you might have missed:

  • Ninjabot, also known as Arnel Baluyot, has announced that his commission list is opening up on May 6 at 8AM PT. His list is limited and the prices are significantly cheaper than on-site requests, so be sure to mark your calendars and send that e-mail to get on his pre-convention list. Also, how amazing are those PopCats cosplay pets? Additionally, on May 6 Arnel will reveal the theme to his free exclusive stickers, available at his Small Press booth, L-08.

  • Hasbro concept artist Marcelo Matere has announced that he will be in attendance for all four days of SDCC.

  • The Graphic Novels and Comics Roundtable is looking for speakers for the Comic Conference for Educators and Librarians which takes place at the San Diego Library. Openings are for Thursday, July 18 only and submissions are due by April 30. As a bonus, accepted speakers receive a free badge to San Diego Comic-Con, plus a guest badge.

  • Black Lightning actress and artist Chantel Thuy raised her hand when asked if she will be at SDCC this year. We’re going to take that as a (fingers crossed!) YES, and pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find Black Lightning on the schedule.

  • BBC Studios is looking for some inspiring Doctor Who designs and want YOUR help. The BBC is looking for great Doctor Who fanart (featuring the TARDIS and the Doctor of your choice), with submissions open between now and May 15. One winner and four runner-ups will have their art printed on limited edition Doctor Who merchandise sold at San Diego Comic-Con, and the winner also receives a trip for two to London, among other goodies. Got the skills? Enter by May 15 for your chance to win.

  • Marvel cosplayers will want to RSVP to this photoshoot to keep tabs on the date and time of the event. We do know that it will take place on the bayside  Mezzanine level, which means a badge will be required to participate.

  • On the flipside of the comic universe, DC cosplayers can RSVP to a similar event, also taking place on the bayside Mezzanine, date and time to be announced later.

  • Starting in May, Lyft users will have an easier time hailing a ride from the San Diego Airport after the company launches a new program, similar to a “taxi line.” Instead of selecting a specific driver, riders will request a ride, be issued a code, enter a queue where a Lyft driver will pick them up. Once give the code, the rider and driver will then be linked in Lyft’s system. This sounds like a big improvement from playing the “Who are you here to pick up?” game, perfect for those arriving by air for San Diego Comic-Con and needing a ride to their Hotelpocalypse selection.
  • Val Hochberg’s delightful foil prints are available for pre-order and if you are attending SDCC, you can save some dough by choosing to pick up at the convention. Prints come in two sizes and print runs will be limited.

  • Fans of author Sherrilyn Kenyon will be happy to know that she will once again be at Booth #1700 at San Diego Comic-Con. You can RSVP to let Sherrilyn know you are excited to see her.
  • We’ll be showing you a lot more stuff from Patrick Ballesteros in the coming months (duh!) but here’s another one of the mini originals that he’ll have at SDCC to tide you over.

  • Potterheads have a reason to practice their best wand holding techniques. On Friday July 19, join a group of Harry Potter cosplayers for a photoshoot. This event does not require a badge as it will take place in the Gaslamp. Follow their Facebook event to stay up on all the details.

  • Viz Media will be hosting portfolio reviews as part of their Viz Originals creator-owned imprint. They will be scheduling reviews with both artists and writers during several summer conventions, including San Diego Comic-Con. Those interested must complete an application form and already be attending the event. You can find more information regarding the process on their website.

  • New York Times bestselling artist and inker, Matt Banning, posted his convention schedule on Twitter and we’re happy to announce that he will be at San Diego Comic-Con. Banningt’s commission works are stellar so we’re hoping he offers them at SDCC. We’ll keep you updated if he announces them.

  • Advantage Customer Experience, responsible for the Impractical Jokers event, is looking forward to pulling off more exciting activations this year and we can’t blame them, we love their work too.

  • For those hoping to get a Sean Forney sketch cover at SDCC, now is the time to e-mail him your requests. Sean posted a variety of blank covers that are available for him to customize, but don’t dawdle, they won’t last long.


  • And finally today, Chrissie Zullo’s enchanting Game of Thrones artwork will be available as a print and at San Diego Comic-Con. By then we hope to have recovered from whatever heart-wrenching ending HBO throws at us.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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