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Under the Tents: Dan Veesenmeyer, Terry Dodson, BeeFy & Co., Sean Forney

If you tuned in to our mega stuffed SDConCast last night, you were probably inundated with SDCC news. Since Con Season never sleeps (and neither do we), we found even more SDCC news. This edition of Under the Tents has more news from BeeFy & Co., Terry Dodson, Dan Veesenmeyer (who loves you 3,000), and so much more. Can you handle more SDCC news? We think you can.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Artists love dropping little prints for people to find. Artist Jesse Torres will be around SDCC with some of his mini-prints to give away during the con. Follow his Twitter to find him and his prints at SDCC.

  • Author Clay McLeod Chapman announced via Twitter he’ll be at SDCC 2019 promoting his new novel, The Awakening. Look for him to be on panels and signings around the con.

  • CoverCrashers will have a shiny new promo card on hand for their new series, Critical Snail. He may not be too fast or strong, but his viscosity is amazing.

  • Artist Ian Nichols will be at New England Comics’ Booth #1807-1809 at SDCC this year. Check out our Commissions post for info on placing pre-show commission orders, or he could sketch something on one of your purchases. Just don’t drop anything off.

  • Fans of artist Terry Dodson, get your calendar apps/spreadsheets handy. Dodson’s SDCC sketch commission list opens in two weeks on July 3, 2019. See our Commissions post for details on pricing and how to order.

  • Chula Vista artist Jin Yung Kim won’t have to go far to set up Table #CC-08 in Artists’ Alley. Look for his latest Voltron sticker while you’re there.

  • The Pop Insider revealed Xtreme Play’s SDCC exclusive – a Rainbow Six Chibi Charm Set. These charms pay homage to characters from the game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and stand 1.5″ tall. Find them at Booth #134 for $40 for the set.

  • LEGO artist Dan Veesenmeyer’s new art print for SDCC 2019 will hit you right in the feels. Proud parents Tony and Pepper guide Morgan on her way to being the next “Iron Man”. Pew! Pew! right to the heart.

  • Exhibitor Donald Ward announced to his Instagram followers that his new The Tiniest Ghost pins and patches are ready to go with him to SDCC.

  • Artist Sean Forney debuted his SDCC exclusive Scarlet’s Cryptid Hunting Club buttons he’ll have at Table #BB-05 in Artists’ Alley.

  • Head to BeeFy & Co.’s Booth #1190 to pick up their 8″ Chu Totopoo for your collection. Can’t make it to the con? No worries — you can pre-order it now and have it shipped to you after SDCC.

What are you excited about? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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