Massive Dark Knight Exhibit Descends on Comic-Con Museum During San Diego Comic-Con 2019

While Comic-Con International celebrated it’s 50th anniversary this year, the new upcoming Comic-Con Museum also joined in the celebration by including their own offsite experience which took place during all four days of the convention. The museum was host to a fabulous Batman Experience pop-up exhibit and a Preview Night The Gathering event during the convention which celebrated Batman as their first inductee into the museum’s hall of fame. While the Wednesday evening event did require a ticket purchase, the rest of the pop-up exhibit event was free for all to enjoy, and ran for the duration of the convention.

Although located further out than the usual San Diego Comic-Con offsites, the Comic-Con Museum gave Batman fans something to immerse their geeky love of Batman into. The Batman Experience pop-up at the Comic-Con Museum was located at Balboa Park in San Diego and was well worth the visit as it gave guests plenty to see and interact with. In fact, the exhibit gave an amazing variety of entertainment to choose from including costumes, TV and movie props, a batcave gaming lounge, and a VR skydive, as well as panels and a Her Universe fashion exhibit.

Even though I’m sad to say I didn’t get to experience all of the fun interactions it included, I did find that it was definitely one of my favorite con experiences this year and I’m glad I took the time to visit. If this is just a taste of what’s to come for the future Comic-Con Museum exhibits, I’m excited to see the upcoming future museum projects.


Upon entering the museum guests were greeted with the Arkham Asylum gates to welcome them into the heart of the museum. Once inside there was plenty to view. Movie and television props and costumes were spread throughout the upper level of the museum. Two Batmobiles were even displayed for all us Batman fans to gawk and drool over.



Costumes and props galore! It’s always amazing seeing these items in person, up close and in full detail. The costumes included were from several of the Batman movies and also the television show Gotham.


Also included in the upper level was plenty of Batman art and the VR Dark Knight Skydive experience. I didn’t personally get to try the skydive experience myself, however if you any of our readers did get to enjoy it, please feel free to comment and let us know about it.


Down the stairs guests were treated to the fabulous Her Universe display. This exhibit displayed several of the outfits created for some of the past Comic-Con Her Universe fashion shows. Guests were able to get up close to these amazing creations and take in all the details that might be missed during the actual San Diego Comic-Con event. I have to say that seeing these outfits in person and up close was truly awe inspiring. The amount of work, dedication and talent is stunning. Please note that photos never do these outfits justice.


Not only did the downstairs greet you with the display of Her Universe fashion, but it also included other activities as well. Guests were able to attend a few panels, view the wall of DC Black & White batman figures, enter into a Batcave Gaming Lounge where you could play Batman video and arcade games and view the Batman Begins batsuit. There was also a room where you could play Batman pinball and enjoy an interactive punching bag experience that used projection mapping and lights which triggered animation sounds and images as the bag was punched. Kapow!

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