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Under the Tents: Kymera Press, QMx, 3DRetro, Christopher Uminga

We didn’t want to send you into the weekend before Comic-Con with only one Under the Tents. There’s so much SDCC news out there from Christopher Uminga, Kymera Press, QMx, and a lot more great stuff you’re really going to want to spend your SDCC money on.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • We may not be getting an epic Taco Bell offsite, but that doesn’t mean there’s no Judge Dredd at Comic-Con. Stop by Booth #2806 to pick up their hardcover edition of Judge Dredd: The Small House.

  • The ladies who make up Kymera Press have been hard at work this year, even battling a lung transplant, to bring you some great SDCC material. They’ll have brand new issues of their fan favorites, including Pet Noir #6 as well as the entire Pet Noir series combined into a graphic novel, Dragons by the Yard, Gates of Midnight, Mary Shelley Presents, and Ivory Ghosts. Stop by Booth #2003 to find these brilliant works as well as the authors behind them.
  • Fans of Ninja Sex Party will want to make their way to Fantoons’ Table #O-07 in Small Press for some brand new Ninja Sex Party merch, including t-shirts, a signed, limited edition Ninja Sex Party 10th anniversary print, and lots of buttons.

  • If you’re attending Greg van Eekhout’s signing on Friday, July 19 at 4:00PM PT, get to Mysterious Galaxy’s Booth #1119 fast to be one of the first 25 people in line. You’ll get a free reader copy of his latest work, Cog.

  • Comfort and Adam will have a whole new set of PDFs at Table #CC-10 in Artists’ Alley this year.

  • Visit QMx at Booth #4145 to see exactly what their new Harry Potter Q-Fig Max looks like.

  • Albatross! The Eric Powell/Albatross Funnybooks Booth #2207 is going to be packed with t-shirts, tiki mugs, anniversary merch, and shenanigans. Albatross!

  • Chris Maze revealed another print in Dial R Studios’ series: Cheeseburgers. See Happy Hogan looking after his best friend’s daughter among the rest of their art prints at Booth #2103.

  • Badali Jewelry has an exclusive pre-release Ash Lords Medallion to bring to Booth #715 at SDCC. If they run out of stock at the booth, all is not lost; you can pre-order it to be shipped to you after the con.

  • In space, no one can hear you meow. Look for Cody Vrosh’s Meowterspace series at Table #M-08 in Small Press. I just hope the cat doesn’t cough up a hairball in its helmet.

  • 3DRetro will have some SDCC exclusive Punk Drunken Hero doll… er, action figures, at Booth #2549.

  • Is it really Comic-Con without crochet? Of course not. Lauren Aubrey will be doing her first ever critter drops at SDCC with her crocheted Pokémon Pals. Follow her Instagram (and turn on her post notifications) for hints on where to find them during SDCC.

  • If you don’t know Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers, do you even 90’s, bro? Crowned Pins does, as you can see from the third pin in their Disney Fantasy Roundel series that you’ll find at their booth during SDCC.

  • One of my personal favorite booths is Bill Robinson’s Flimflammery Booth #4615. When you see his latest tiki-themed screen print, it’s easy to see why with all of his talent and attention to detail.

  • Wizyakuza is only bringing 30 of their final SDCC exclusive, so you’ll need to get to Booth #1632 fast if you want this signed, metal-printed fused warrior.

  • If you’ve been trying to find all five Dweores novels, author John Ottinger is making it easy for you by bringing all of them to Booth #2744 at SDCC this year.

  • If you’re trying to find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman during Comic-Con, he’s broken down his SDCC schedule nicely for his fans

  • Prolific and insanely talented artist Christopher Uminga is bringing his Harry Potter-themed print to Table #BB-18 in Artists’ Alley.

Anything we missed? Anyone you’re really excited to see? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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