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Under the Tents: WETA Workshop, Nan Hockin, Mark Alvarado, Bling Squared Cute Glass

As I sit here binge-watching Veronica Mars on Hulu and eagerly awaiting this year’s SDCC panel, it occurs to me that by this time two weeks from now, we will be waist-deep in SDCC excitement. Let’s wade into this Under the Tents with news from WETA Workshop, Nan Hockin, free stuff, and a lot more.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • IDW Publishing is bringing Jonathan Maberry, creator of V-Wars, to Booth #2729. Get there early to get a signature and a raffle ticket for a chance to be in his next novel.

  • Artist Carla Wyzgala treated her Instagram followers to a preview of her print books. Find her books and her at Table #FF-16.

  • Another artist keeping her Instagram followers up-to-date is Nan Hockin, whose latest floral watercolor will be with her at Booth #F-11.

  • Artist Mark Alvarado’s Sartara #2 cover will be available at SDCC as an exclusive print.

  • Artist Steven Gordon’s Scarlet Witch seems to cross Wanda Maximoff with Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and it’s just one of his many brilliant works you can find it at SDCC this year.

  • Bling Squared Cute Glass answered the eternal question of “Why?” with their latest creation, Because, Art, which they’ll have at Booth #E-05. It’s almost as good an answer as “42”.

  • La Boriqueña Comics will introduce the world to their next superhero at SDCC with their debut of La Borequeña #1, illustrated by Francisco Rodriguez, penciled by Pink Diaz Art, and inked by Jose Marzan, Jr.

  • The Luchaverse lives on at SDCC this year. Masked Republic will once again be at Headlocked Comics’ Booth #1901 with the entire Luchaverse series. Come meet Rey Misterio and pick up all five Luchaverse prequel one-shots in an SDCC-only deal.

  • Stop by Table #O-03 in Small Press to see Fanbase Press’s new banner, featuring The Art of Don Aguillo and design by Oceano Ransford, as well as their new series collection, The Sequels, being released early to SDCC attendees.

  • Author Kyle Styron will have his debut novel, Disintegral, with him while he’s at Prism Comics’ Booth #2144. According to Styron, Disentegral is a “transgressive epistolary thriller that’s also hilarious in parts,” so I naturally can’t wait to read it.

  • Why so serious? Artist Pepe Melan treated his Instagram followers to his Flashpoint Joker sketch cover he’ll have with him at SDCC.

  • Artist Mitch Gerads did the artwork for How Did This Get Made?‘s recent tour and is excited to have some prints with him at Table #G-23 in Artists’s Alley at SDCC.

  • If you like using Pixologic’s ZBrush software, you’ll want to make it a point to stop by Booth #5120, where they’ll be giving away free single-user licenses for ZBrush 2019, among other things.

  • Artist Anna Zhuo had to make her banners a little more SFW, so she has some extras she can’t use. She’s decided to offer up her Vampirella banner as a giveaway while she’s at CGC’s Booth #4315 during SDCC.
  • Creative-Beast has unleashed the beast and will debut their new Beasts of the Mezozoic t-shirt at Booth #B-03 during SDCC.

  • If you can beat WETA Workshop’s staffers’ high scores at Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders, you just might win a prize. Stop by Booth #3613 to throw down the gauntlet (or see just how traumatized they are from playing the game).

  • Another artist bringing unique originals is Dave Correia, who will have these colorful painted sculpts with him at Booth #5502. If it’s been purred on, that means it’s filled with love.

Anything we missed? Anyone you’re really excited to see? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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