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Priscilla Wilson San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Exclusives [UPDATE July 17]

Artist Priscilla Wilson, also known as Valor & Vellum, has quickly burst onto the scene as one of the most interesting artists to watch at the con this year. Her creations, Soonay and Toratai, are recreated lovingly in custom figures, art prints, pins, puzzles, and more.

Looking for a specific pin or figure from Wilson? Wilson will also be hosting a meet-up at the Hilton Bayfront bar (the Odyssea Lounge) on Thursday, July 21 at 7pm PT after the exhibit floor closes for the day. You’ll be able to get a drink, socialize, and trade pins/figures/NFTs — plus, maybe some “sur-prizes”.

You can find more information on her blog.

What does she have in store for SDCC 2022? Let’s take a look at what will be available in Artists Alley BB-12:

[UPDATE June 19]

Here is a look at the release schedule for Wilson’s exclusives:

[UPDATE July 17 #2]

Finally, Wilson will also have the original pen and inks of her four SDCC prints, featuring her characters Soonay and Toratai with the San Diego Convention Center. They’ll be available on Saturday afternoon, while they last, for $150 each with no limits.

[UPDATE July 17]

Wilson showed off the last of her original Soonay watercolors. These one-of-a-kind original arts will be available first come/first serve on Saturday, July 23 for $50 each at Artists Alley #BB-12. There’s a limit of one per person. If inventory remains on Sunday, then there will be no limits.

[UPDATE June 15]

Wilson’s final stickered San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this year will be a hand-cast Sooney, in a Sunbather variant. Each piece features two UV reactive colors, and each is unique. It’s a very small run of only 15, and you can pick yours up for $60 at the convention, with a limit of one per person. Each figure will come with a free NFT, and there are three chances to pull a chase.

This exclusive will be available starting Thursday morning, while supplies last.

[UPDATE June 13]

Wilson’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is one many have been waiting for — her Galaxy Toratai figures. These figures mark the first ever convention exclusives for her Toratai character, and each piece was hand casted and hand painted by Wilson.

They’re limited to just 33 pieces, and you can pick them up at Artists Alley #BB-12 for $55 each, with a limit of one per person. Each figure will also come with a free NFT

These will be available starting Friday morning, while supplies last.

There will also be two glow-in-the-dark chases.

[UPDATE June 5]

Wilson isn’t through with her exclusives yet! You can swing by her booth to pick up exclusive blind bag pins, which will be available for $12 per bag. There will be some rare editions, including pink glow, pink plated, glitter, gold plated, silver glow, and even raw pin prototypes. The blind bags will be limited to 606 pieces.

There will be a 20% chance to also win a free NFT accompaniment.

The pins will be available starting Wednesday, July 20, while supplies last.

[UPDATE May 24]

If you need an extra incentive to shop at Wilson’s booth (you don’t), she will giving out 3″ vinyl stickers for free. They’re limited to 50 pieces per day/night of the con, and they will come with purchase while supplies last — or you can simply ask for the sticker of the booth.

Here is the release schedule for the stickers:

  • PN: Soonay & Toratai Green Kimono
  • Thursday: Soonay Purple Kimono
  • Friday: Soonay & Toratai Blue Kimono
  • Saturday: Soonay Yellow Kimono
  • Sunday: Seaside Soonay

[UPDATE May 22]

Can’t wait to get your hands on Wilson’s “Seaside Soonay” hand-painted pieces? There will also be two chases, featuring glow-in-the-dark whales instead of sailboats. As previously reported, the figure is limited to 21 pieces, available for $80 each, and limited to one per person. Each figure will come with a free NFT and holographic sticker

This exclusive will be available starting Wednesday night, while supplies last.

[UPDATE May 16]

Looking for original art? Wilson is also creating original 4″x6″ watercolors featuring her Soonay character, which will be available for $50 each on a first-come, first-serve basis starting on Saturday, July 23, while supplies last.

[UPDATE May 12]

Just like with the front-side of the convention center piece, Wilson is revisiting her open edition back-of-the-convention center piece for a brand new, exclusive nighttime edition for the con. “Soonay & Toratai Love San Diego” is a 5″x7″ variant printed on silver metallic paper with archival inks, and will feature the official San Diego Comic-Con exclusive sticker. It’s LE and available for $20 on a first-come/first-serve basis.

[UPDATE May 5]

The second of Wilson’s stickered San Diego Comic-Con exclusives is a limited edition of 21 pieces that will conjure up the sounds of seagulls and make you feel the sea breezes. “Seaside Soonay” is hand-painted with a free LE holo sticker and a redeemable NFT. Each figure will be $80, comes with a free NFT and holographic sticker, and is limited to one per person — and available starting Wednesday, July 20, while supplies last.

[UPDATE May 4]

Wilson showed off her first official (and stickered) San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, titled “Soonay Loves San Diego”. The print is a daytime variant of the nighttime open edition she already revealed. You can pick up the 5″x7″ giglee printed on metallic silver paper for $20 while they last (LE 50).

The print will be available starting Wednesday, July 20, while supplies last.

[UPDATE April 22]

It’s not just the front of the convention center that we love — it’s the back as well. For Wilson’s second San Diego Comic-Con 2022 piece, she’s created another tribute, but this time for the backside. The piece is titled “Soonay and Toratai Love San Diego” and will be an open edition, first making its debut at SDCC this summer.

The print will be available starting Wednesday, July 20, while supplies last.

[UPDATE April 17]

Wilson’s first piece for the year is a tribute to San Diego Comic-Con. The piece, which will be an open edition version, is titled “Soonay Loves San Diego”. More information including pricing will be revealed soon, but for now, we love all the details, like “Hall S” and “Hall T” after her characters, and the fact that Soonay is munching on a convention burrito.

Along with her web site, you can find Priscilla on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.
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