Under the Tents 2022: Tamagotchi, Chris Uminga, Billy Martin, International Film Festival

Sleeping is for after con, so we’re bringing you even more San Diego Comic-Con news tonight in a PM edition of Under the Tents. We’ve got updates for you on artists like Chris Uminga, Billy Martin, Patrick Ballesteros, and Val Hochberg; an international film festival; and where you can find Tamagotchi merch at the con. Yes, really!

Let’s take a look at the news you might have might have missed:

  • Hold on to your butts, Jeff Pina has an adorable tribute to everyone’s favorite summer flick, Jurassic Park. This print will be at Jeff’s Small Press booth, Q-06.

  • Here’s a reptile of another kind! This time it’s Chris Uminga with a Godzilla work in progress that is awaiting color before it’s debut at SDCC.

  • Netflix and chill or Netflix and kill? Season 4 of Stranger Things might be over, but our obsession certainly isn’t. Patrick Ballesteros knows what we’re talking about. Here’s a tease of his ST 4 work in progress.

  • Creator and actor (and spitting image of Zatanna) Tiffany Smith is attending Comic-Con and promises that more information about her panels and signings are coming soon. ynaffiT, up yrruH!


  • Calling all Tamagotchi fans! Take a step back to 1996 because you’ll be able to get exclusive Tamagotchi devices and merch at Comic-Con. You’ll be able to find them in the Bandai booth.

  • Who says San Diego Comic-Con isn’t about comics? Not Omar Mora, creator of Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru, his second graphic novel. You’ll be able to scope this book out at Moras Productions small press booth, M-05.

  • Even with the severe crop job we can tell this little tease from artist Billy Martin is going to be boss. When will we get to see the rest? The magic word is….*soon*

  • Greg Hops is joining some of the best concept artists in the industry for the Concept Artist of TV & Film panel and autograph session. We should have all the details in the next few days. Greg will be showing off some exclusive concept art from The Boys.

  • In the realm of “bad ideas” this one might rank up there at a “terrible idea”…..at least, if you’re creator Matt Kindt. Comic book publisher Bad Idea is releasing a brand new comic, Hero Trade: Sacred Heart, but there is a catch. You have to get it directly from Kindt, using a not-so-secret phrase. Poor Kindt is in for a world of hurt. Find the phrase to score the comic here.

  • Fancy a meet-up? If you’re a fan of the team from Heroes Reforged you’re in luck! They have a meet-up in the works for San Diego Comic-Con.

  • She is “the strongest woman in the world” and Val Hochberg has made Street Fighter‘s Chun Li super sassy and sweet too, in this original headed for San Diego Comic-Con.

  • CCI has announced the days, times and all the other details for the International Film Festival, taking place next to the convention center at the Marriott Marquis and Marina in Grand Ballroom 6.
  • And finally today, Av from Average Nerd Podcast and Beehive Midtown in Sacramento found a golden treasure…Glow Honey Bear enamel pins, a collaboration with Priscilla Wilson. Find Av and ask nicely to get one.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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