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The Television Shows of San Diego Comic-Con 2024 — The Cable & Streaming Networks

Television series comprise a huge chunk of the schedule for San Diego Comic-Con — and every year it seems like they become a larger and larger piece of the pie. The lines for Ballroom 20 sometimes rival even those of Hall H, and they won’t be getting any shorter any time soon.

As the anticipation builds for the official announcements from networks and CCI as to which television shows will be on the panel schedule, we like to take time out to speculate which shows have the best chances of appearing at SDCC. We’ll be breaking this into three segments, starting with the Cable & Streaming Networks (which you can read right here), Broadcast Broadcast Networks (coming next week), and the Family Networks (also coming next week).

With that said, onto the Cable and Streaming Networks — and there’s a lot of them. So what do we think you’ll be seeing at Comic-Con this summer? Let’s take a look:


Adult Swim

After scaling back their presence in 2022, Adult Swim was back in full force in 2023, with an offsite featuring meet and greets, comedy shows, music, giveaways, games, and more — as well as panels for many of their biggest hits, including Rick and Morty, My Adventures with Superman, Teenage Euthanasia, The Venture Bros., and more. So we have high hopes for 2024 that we’ll see the return of their usual carnival-like offsite (and perhaps the return of Meatwad?).

Having said that, trying to predict which shows they’ll bring though is always a coin toss, as Adult Swim has a ton of shows, and there’s not always rhyme or reason to why they bring one over another.

The most likely contender is the upcoming Rick & Morty: The Anime, which is set to premiere sometime in 2024. The original series’ new season has been delayed to 2025, and we have to imagine Adult Swim will want to go big for the latest iteration of what is arguably their biggest franchise.

The newest season of My Adventures with Superman should finish airing the week of San Diego Comic-Con, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see an early screening of the season finale at the con. Primal and YOLO were both renewed for a third season, but have no official return date, so they could easily be a contender. 

There are plenty of other options, including the old standbys such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Robot Chicken. Basically anything at all is possible here, including something not on this list.


Amazon Prime Video

This year, we think the big push by Prime Video will be the upcoming second season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerIt got a big splashy panel at the con in 2022, and we think they’ll go hard for it again in 2024.

Also expect some heavy promotion for Prime’s Batman: Caped Crusader animated series, which hails from executive producers J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, and Bruce Timm. The series drops on August 1, just after the convention — so we’d be very surprised if Prime’s promotion didn’t include a panel with a screening, some building wraps, and maybe more.

With writer/author Neil Gaiman’s Prime Video series, Good Omens, only getting a panel last year (due to the actor’s strike), they could also use this as a launching pad for his other Prime Video series — Anansi Boys. The series follows Gaiman’s novel of the same name, about the two sons of the spider-god Anansi. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but with filming having wrapped in May 2022, post-production surely has to be close to wrapping. It stars Malachi Kirby, Delroy Lindo, Fiona Shaw, and Whoopi Goldberg, so a few big names for the Comic-Con crowd. Gaiman’s name alone goes very far with this crowd.

The Wheel of Time wrapped filming on its third season in March, but that will likely be too early for promo at the con.

The Boys will finish airing its latest season the week before the con, which typically makes it too late for promo. Gen V was set to begin filming in April, but pushed production due to the tragic death of star Chance Perdomo — so it surely won’t be at the con.

And everything else just doesn’t seem far enough along in production to be at the con. Fallout was just renewed for a second season that hasn’t filmed yet. The Bondsman, which stars Kevin Bacon as a bounty hunter who comes back from the dead and finds his job now has a demonic element, only started filming last month. Criminal, based on the comic by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, hasn’t started filming, and neither has El Gato, based on the comic book characters of Richard Dominguez. A God of War series was announced in 2022 and writing is underway, but also hasn’t filmed.

Neither Motorheads, a teen drama about teens who love motorcycles, or Cruel Intensions, feel like SDCC-fare, though both have started filming.

So yeah. Our money is on a big Lord of the Rings push.



Last year’s Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe offsite was a huge hit at San Diego Comic-Con, winning our award (as voted for by you!) for Best Offsite of 2023. It celebrated both Interview with the Vampire and Mayfair Witches. This year, could we see a repeat? It feels unlikely on Interview unless AMC is just feeling extra generous (though if you’re listening, AMC, we hope you are in a giving mood), as the second season will have finished airing before the con, and its big premiere in New York last month felt like the SDCC-equivalent of an offsite. The second season of Mayfair Witches, on the other hand, wrapped its filming in April, and there’s a world in which we could see a bigger push for it, with Interview taking less of the spotlight but still getting some promo, basically as the inverse of last year’s offsite. But we still don’t think Interview will get a panel.

The more likely scenario to us is that AMC goes big for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – The Book of Carol, which recently released a teaser trailer that surely means it’s airing sometime this year. The Walking Dead is still AMC’s flagship franchise, it has a longstanding tradition of going big at San Diego Comic-Con, and last year’s big premiere was tempered at the con a bit by both the strikes and the bigger push for Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe. This year, we wouldn’t be shocked to see AMC go back to their roots.

AMC has several other options though for a big push, starting with Nautilus. It’s a British series that’s hit to air on AMC later this year, and is a reimagining of Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. That’s a world that feels like it could fit right in with the Comic-Con crowd.

The other option is Orphan Black: Echoes, a spinoff of the former BBC America series. The new series stars Krysten Ritter, and follows a new group of clones. The original series was always very popular at the con, and will be in the middle of its USA-run during the con. The one caveat here is that it already aired its full season in Australia, and so a lot of fans have already seen it (you can make your own guesses about how).

And while not likely to get a huge push, AMC did pick up Snowpiercer for a fifth and final season, taking over from TNT. Given it’s the final season, we can’t imagine a huge amount of promo at the con, but a panel to ensure fans know about the move is not outside the realm of possibilities.

AMC has a lot of options for how they could go this year — and we’re just excited to see what they have up their sleeves for fans, as they always feel like one of the networks that truly understands the audience at Comic-Con.


Apple TV+

Apple TV+ went big at San Diego Comic-Con in 2022, and then disappeared quietly into the night without a trace for 2023. But please come back, Apple, we’re begging you.

The timing is perfect as their buzziest series (and the one they went so hard for in 2022), Severance, seems likely to drop sometime this year. After a lengthy pause in filming due to the strikes, it finally wrapped in April of this year — but it had originally begun filming in 2022, so it should theoretically already be pretty far into post-production. Fans went crazy for the series in 2022, with Apple TV+ having so much faith in it they broke all the usual rules, bringing it in after its first season for essentially a victory lap, and bringing with it one of the best offsites we’ve ever had at the con. So bringing the series back in 2024 just makes sense.

Their other two 2022 entries, For All Mankind and Mythic Quest, feel less likely. While Apple may have broken the “rules” for Severance in 2022, For All Mankind doesn’t have the same kind of buzz (which trust me, makes no sense, because it’s fantastic and you should all be watching) — so with the series not having filmed any of its upcoming season yet, it just doesn’t seem likely for another appearance. Mythic Quest has wrapped on its latest season, but will it be coming soon enough to warrant a panel?

We think instead, Apple would focus on some of their newer series, starting with Silo and its upcoming second season. The series, based on the book series by author Hugh Howey, wrapped filming in March, which should give it plenty of footage to show off to fans if Apple wanted to. Surface also wrapped production on its second season, but it feels like the less buzz-worthy option. And Foundation has been filming its third season for some time, having stopped for awhile due to budget issues, and that’s not typically a situation that warrants spending more money on promo at the con.

As we mentioned, Apple broke the mold and used their appearance entirely to promote series that had already aired at least one season, rather than promoting a new or untested series. Could they return and take a more traditional approach and use their appearance to show off some of their upcoming shows?

If so, there are several options, though as Apple isn’t big on announcing premiere dates too early, several of these could air before the con. Time Bandits, based on the 1981 Terry Gilliam film, filmed back in 2022, and should definitely be deep into post-production for the Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, and Ian Morris created series. It stars Lisa Kudrow, Charlyne Yi, and more. 

Murderbot, on the other hand, likely isn’t far enough in production to warrant a panel. The series follows a sentient security android who must mask the ability of free thought, and stars Alexander Skarsgård and David Dastmalchian, but it only started filming in March.


Comedy Central

Comedy Central is another inconsistent Comic-Con network, often skipping years. Their last appearance in 2019 was for South Park: Bigger Longer Uncut, and it’s always possible they’ll return for more South Park. After all, 2019 was the 20th anniversary of the South Park film, which makes 2024 the 25th anniversary! But that’s really about the only thing on their upcoming slate that would make sense for an appearance at the con.



Back in 2022, Kevin Feige told attendees at the Marvel Hall H that he’d see them “next year”. That obviously didn’t come to fruition, due to last summer’s strikes, but we’re hopeful that Kevin will keep his word, even if it is a year later than anticipated. The Marvel TV series are typically part of the overall Marvel presentation panel, and there are plenty of them to showcase. Agatha is set to release later this year and has been wrapped for awhile, so there should be plenty to tease (including possibly a first look). We’d also be surprised if there wasn’t a big push for Daredevil: Born Again, particularly as the series is basically returning due to fan love for the original Netflix series. There’s also Iron Heart and Wonder Man, both of which have wrapped filming, and both of which have plenty of things they could tease or announce at the con.

For the animated series, they’re a bit more of a wild card. Both Eyes of Wakanda and Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man are set to release later this year, and Marvel also has Marvel Zombies, in which star Iman Vellani confirmed she has finished her voice work. Traditionally, much of the animated Marvel fare has been given their own, separate, smaller panel — and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them separated from a big Marvel Hall H panel. But do all three get a single animated panel? Are they included still in a small way in a Marvel Hall H panel? These could go any way.

On the Star Wars side of things, it’s been several years now since Disney has brought any of their Star Wars films or TV series to the con, and we don’t think that’s a trend that’s going to change any time soon. So sorry, fans hoping for Star Wars: The Acolyte (which will likely be finished airing before the con anyway), Star Wars: Skeleton CrewStar Wars: Andor season two (which has been delayed due to the strikes), or the fourth season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (which as far as we’re aware is still filming). So even if Disney was in the mood to bring Star Wars (and we don’t think they are), the timing is off for almost all of their series anyway.

What we do have high hopes for though, is Doctor Who. We said that last year, and we still think Disney likely had big plans for the 60th anniversary, but again, that obviously didn’t pan out. Even a year later, though, there’s still plenty of reason to bring out star Ncuti Gatwa for his big San Diego Comic-Con debut, alongside returning showrunner Russell T Davies. Although the current season (which look, is Series 14, please don’t make it call it Season One), will be finished airing before the convention — but production has already been busy filming deep into Series 15. So there’s no reason we couldn’t get a victory lap for Gatwa’s first season as The Doctor, alongside a trailer or sneak peek at both the Christmas Special and Series 15. That is precisely what happened with Matt Smith’s first appearance at the con, which followed part one of Series 6, and fans got a first look at part two. Now that Disney is sharing the partnership with BBC, we would be shocked if they didn’t want to push the series to a larger audience, and Comic-Con is definitely where you can do that.



We’re making a prediction right now. Creator Ryan Murphy has a new FX horror series expected to debut this fall, titled Grotesquerie — and if that isn’t the most obvious contender for “this year’s gross-out billboard on the Hilton Bayfront”, we honestly don’t know what is. Whatever the key art is, expect it to be both disgusting, and displayed in giant size across the hotel for all to see. We can’t wait!

Now, will Grotesquerie get a panel? Probably not. It’s been many, many years since any of Murphy’s series got one at the con, but it also seems primed for a presence at the annual FXhibition offsite on the Bayfront lawn. All the grotesquerie things!

What we think will likely get a panel is the final season of What We Do in the Shadows, which has been a perennial favorite at the con. The upcoming sixth and final season feels primed and ready for a big farewell at the convention, which possibly more than any other network, FX has always tried to give to fans. We’d put money on it being in Hall H on Sunday again as well.

And honestly, that may wind up being FX’s only panel. The Bear‘s third season drops at once before the con (as it has for the previous two seasons), and again, it’s been so many years since American Horror Story had a panel that we just don’t see that changing (though expect it to also be represented in FXhibition).

There is one wildcard though — Welcome to Wrexham. While the docuseries hasn’t yet been renewed for a season four, if Ryan Reynolds is in town anyway for a little movie called Deadpool & Wolverine, is it such a stretch to think that he could bring Rob McElhenney along to talk about their Welsh football team? If it were any other network, and any other star, this would probably be too far out there — but FX has brought series for a victory lap before, and Reynolds seems to love the Comic-Con crowd.

And if McElhenney is at the con, either for Wrexham or Apple TV+’s Mythic Quest, could we also get a It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel? It’s been several years, but at Comic-Con, anything is possible.


HBO / Max

HBO and Max (the Warner Bros. streaming platform) can be a bit hot or cold at San Diego Comic-Con depending on if they think they have anything coming out soon enough to promote at the con — but oh, do they have plenty to promote in 2024.

The network went all in at the convention in 2022 for House of the Dragon, and the series is set to finally return for its second season on June 16. That means it will be towards the end of its run during the con (with the season finale set to air the week after, and the episode before airing Sunday night of the con). That might mean it’s a little late to promote it too hard at the con, but we think they’ll make an exception for their flagship series. Maybe fans will even get an early look at the final two episodes.

Then there’s The Penguin, which continues the universe of Matt Reeves’ The Batman and follows Colin Farrell’s iteration of the iconic villain. It’s set to air in late 2024 which makes Comic-Con the perfect launchpad for the series, and given the DC pedigree and the star power (the series also stars Cristin Milloti, Clancy Brown, and Michael Zegen), expect a big push for this one. Could this get the coveted HBO/Max offsite position this year? We think it just might.

Max’s other big offering is, of course, Dune: Prophecy, which is also set to premiere later this year. Based on the world of Frank Herbert, the new series will serve as a prequel to Denis Villeneuve’s films, focusing on the origins of the Bene Gesserit. It stars Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, Travis Fimmel, and Mark Strong, among others, so there’s a deep pool of talent to pull from for a Comic-Con panel. We’ve heard lots of rumblings that Warner Bros. Discovery had big plans for Dune: Part Two at last year’s convention, and this could finally be their chance to go big on the franchise at SDCC. Just imagine a street team of Bene Gesserit walking around the Gaslamp…

They’ve also got The Franchise, which stars Billy Magnussen, Jessica Hynes, Himish Patel, and Aya Cash in a comedy series about a film crew working on a superhero film. As a comedy, it’s not likely to get a huge amount of promo at the con (we definitely think the offsite spot or spots will go to any of the above over this), but a panel is certainly not outside of the question depending on release timing. It’s been filming since late February, and should wrap sometime soon.

Unfortunately for fans of The Last of Us, we just think it’s too early. The series is still in the middle of filming, and likely won’t be airing until sometime in 2025. But hey, depending on timing, maybe it will get the big splashy push at next year’s con.

The same is true for Welcome to Derry, Max’s upcoming horror series set in the world of the two most recent It films. Filming is expected to wrap in June, with the series premiering sometime in 2025 — but that’s likely just way too far out for this year’s con.

On the animated side of things, another possible contender is the return of the animated Harley Quinnwhich has been renewed for a fifth season. There’s been no word yet on when that season will be airing though, so with the strikes, production may very well be delayed more than usual. Instead, the animated Creature Commandos may get the animated spot this year. Set to air in late 2024, the adult animated series is set in the new DC Universe (DCU), and was created and written by James Gunn. It follows Rick Flag Sr. (Frank Grillo) and his band of black ops team monsters, with a voice cast that also includes Maria Bakalova, Zoë Chao, Alan Tudyk, David Harbour, Sean Gunn, and Steve Agee. Or there’s also Kite Man: Hell Yeah!, a spinoff from Harley Quinn focused on, you guessed it, Kite Man. The voice cast includes Matt Oberg, Stephanie Hsu, James Adomian, Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, and more, with many reprising their roles from the Harley Quinn series. Given how much love Max has given to Harley Quinn at the convention, don’t write this one off, because we may just be off to fly a kite (that was bad, we know).



Look, Hulu, we know you typically focus on your animated fare at San Diego Comic-Con. But after a small offsite for Only Murders in the Building last year and some elevator wraps, we’d really love if you changed tactics this year. The series might not make immediate sense for the con, but it has huge star power with Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, as well as this season’s latest guest stars which include Molly Shannon, Eva Longoria, Eugene Levy, Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Galifianakis, and more. And Comic-Con attendees love comedy shows with big hearts (just look at how well NBC did with their comedy series The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine!). The new season doesn’t yet have a premiere date, only “summer 2024”, so depending on when it begins airing, the timing may or may not work out for the con. But, we’re just letting you know, if you wanted to go big for the series at Comic-Con, we promise we would turn out in force.

Hulu also has Alien, the upcoming series from Noah Hawley based on the Alien franchise. And yeah yeah, aliens are cool too (and so is Noah Hawley), but the series isn’t set to air until 2025 and San Diego Comic-Con just feels like it might be too early.

Instead, though, Hulu will probably focus on their animated fare, which includes the second half of season eight of Futurama, which got Hulu’s biggest push last year. The rest of the season doesn’t currently have an airdate, but after such big promotion last year, it seems like a no-brainer to bring it back again this year.

Hulu’s other animated line-up includes Solar Opposites (which has been renewed for a fifth season) and Hit Monkey (whose second season premieres the week before San Diego Comic-Con). Last year, Hulu also focused on the “Animayhem” brand, focused on adult animation, which also included American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Krapopolis, among others. We’ll be discussing those in the Broadcast TV post later this week, but there’s certainly a case to be made that they could wind up falling under the Hulu brand umbrella again.



More than any other network or streaming service, Netflix is always hard to predict when it comes to San Diego Comic-Con. They typically have some kind of presence these days, but it’s not always for the most obvious fare (remember the super hard push for The Grey Man?). They tend to focus on series and movies coming out very close to the con.

The final season of The Umbrella Academy airs on August 8, which if it wasn’t its final season, would seem to make it prime material for its first appearance at the con. But given that it is indeed the last season, and a shortened season at that, we don’t think Netflix will want to spend the time or money to promote it at San Diego.

The same is true for Cobra Kai, whose final sixth season will appear in three parts, with the first starting the week before the con on July 18. And the same also goes for Vikings: Valhalla, whose third and final season is set to air later this year. If it was any other network, these might make sense — but for series that old, Netflix just hasn’t shown a lot of inclination to promote that kind of fare at the con.

Stranger Things still has months to go in filming for its final season, and The Sandman‘s second season is also still currently in production, pushing both of those as likely just too far out for an appearance at the con. One Piece doesn’t even start filming its second season until June. And the one panel you can normally count on, The Dragon Prince, got a WonderCon panel this year, which might just mean its sixth season is airing ahead of the con.

So honestly, we kind of think Netflix might just sit this one out on the TV side at least. On the other hand, Netflix produces so much content that it’s entirely possible something else not on this list could turn up.



Paramount+ has gone from having five Star Trek series on the air, to having just two they can really promote at the con. But we still expect them to go hard for both Strange New Worlds (whose third season will air sometime in 2025) and Lower Decks (whose fifth and final season is set to air later this year). Paramount+ knows that if you’re going to promote Star Trek anywhere, it’s definitely at San Diego Comic-Con, and we don’t think they’ll fumble the ball here.

And, perhaps, with fewer Star Trek series on the air, it could open the door for other series. The animated Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series feels like a total no-brainer, based on the Mutant Mayhem film, and which sees all of its main stars reprising their voice acting roles (including Ayo Edebiri). Bring our favorite Irish woman to Comic-Con, Paramount+!

They’ve also got the fourth and final season of Evil, which will be in the middle of its run during the con, but with only a handful of additional episodes left to air, we think it will likely be too late for one last panel.



Peacock’s in a bit of a weird position this year, with most of its most obvious fare simply being too far out for an appearance at the convention. Last year, even without actors or writers, they went big on Twisted Metal with a screening and a performance by SisQó. Production on season two doesn’t start until the week before the con, so it’s surely out of the running for a 2024 appearance. Ted, based on the film series and which follows the foul-mouthed talking teddy bear, was only renewed for a second season this month, so it’s also out for 2024.

If they do bring something, it will surely be Those About to Die, an upcoming epic based on the world of gladiators in Ancient Rome. It has some big names, including Anthony Hopkins and Iwan Rheon, and it started filming in March of last year so even with the strikes it is surely either wrapped or close to wrapping.

We also think there’s a chance they could bring Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist, based on a true crime podcast that tells the story of a heist the night of Muhammad Ali’s return to boxing in 1970. It has plenty of star power, with a cast list that includes Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Hart, Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Don Cheadle, and more, and it started filming in February so it will likely wrap before the con. It’s not the most obvious genre fare which might make it too much of a leap for it to appear at the con, but the subject matter is fun and there are plenty of big names to get fans existed, so we’re not completely counting this one out.

Finally, we know this is the TV post, but we’re going to slip in that we do think it’s possible for the Community movie to make an appearance. It hasn’t even started filming, but the script is (supposedly) written, and the series has such a long history with the convention, that it feels like a mistake not to finally give fans their “and a movie” panel they’ve been waiting for all this time. Plus, with filming having been delayed for so long as everyone tries to get their schedules to re-align, we could honestly see a panel to hype up the upcoming movie, even without a second of footage shot. Is it likely? No. But it’s not impossible!

Maybe the real question with Peacock and NBC is, will they still be having a fun offsite with that hideous giant television screen overtaking so much space by Baja Rick’s?



Would we love to see Yellowjackets at the San Diego Comic-Con? Yes, of course we would. But the third season hasn’t even started filming yet, so 2024 is not that year (but maybe 2025 will be, Showtime? Pretty please?). And it’s the same situation for both Dexter: Origins and The Department. So we don’t think we’ll be getting a Showtime appearance this year, but there’s always next time.



Starz has been an inconsistent performer at San Diego Comic-Con at best. Their most frequent Comic-Con entry, Outlander, has a run of eight final episodes starting this fall. After not attending for several years, we think Starz likely wouldn’t think it was worth it for one last final hurrah… but there may be some hope here.

The prequel series, Outlander: Blood of My Blood, has been filming for several months and could have something ready to go for the show. Pairing it with the original series at San Diego Comic-Con could make sense as a launching pad, saying goodbye to the “old” and hello to the “new”. Or Starz could forego promotion for either, as Blood of My Blood may not be far enough along to have something to show at the con. These two are far from a lock.



Syfy’s presence for several years has been scaled back, and Syfy’s properties are often grouped into a larger NBC Universal promotion at Baja Rick’s or elsewhere. This year, though, we think we’ll get promotion for the second season of The Ark, which is set to return sometime this summer.

There’s also SurrealEstate, which stars Wynonna Earp’s Tim Rozon as a real estate broker specializing in haunted houses. It has yet to appear at the con, but the third season is set for 2025, so it’s an option. Syfy could also use the convention as a launching pad for their new mystery series Revival, in which the recently deceased rise from their graves suddenly in a small rural town in Wisconsin. It’s also not set to air until 2025 (and a Canadian co-production, from the same studio behind SurrealEstate), so both may be far out for promo and too far removed from Syfy.

Outside of that, things look especially grim for options at the con.

Chucky has already finished airing its third season, so it’s likely both simultaneously too late and too early for much promo at the con. The same goes for Resident Alien and its third season. And Reginald the Vampire is currently in its second season now, and it’s unclear if all episodes will air consequently, but if so, it will likely finish ahead of San Diego Comic-Con.


Each year, we also look at the series with some tie to the con who are no longer around, either due a planned series ending or due to being canceled. Join us next week as we break down Broadcast TV and Family TV networks!


TV Graveyard

American Born Chinese (Disney+)

Disenchantment (Netflix)

Doom Patrol (Max)

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)

The Muppets Mayhem (Disney+)

National Treasure: Edge of History (Disney+)

Our Flag Means Death (Max)

Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+)

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