Friday Fun Poll – Open Registration Date

According to Comic-Con International, we’re having four badge sales in a year – with Open Registration set to take place “sometime” before the end of the year. But when will it take place?

Our sporadic Friday Fun Poll asks if you’re feeling lucky – about making Saturday plans anytime between now and New Year’s, that is:

This poll has ended.

What date do you think Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con 2018 will take place?

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  • Trish Osmond

    Really they #SDCC are going to screw us for Christmas? Thanks for not caring about the holidays SDCC. Let it be in Feburary like it has been in the past. I don’t care if the RFID system let’s you do thing faster, consider the fandom and retailers needing to boost funds for holiday sales.

  • #FourBadgeSalesInAYear

  • maxhdrm

    Yeah it’s semantics. Ya gotta read between the lines. CCI never said that there would be 4 SDCC badge sales in a year only that there will be 4 badge sales which means WonderCon could very well be 2 of those 4. Besides I reiterate…we have 40 days until the end of the year (Hence a full calendar year), do you really think they are going to have 3 more sales before the end of THIS year? CCI is only allowed to sell X amount of tickets per fire Marshall and Code enforcement so I don’t see them ramping up the Epic Logic room, wasting overhead for parsed out sales for several smaller transactions vs doing ONE more to get it out of the way. Less cumbersome from a processing point for those putting together the badges.

  • maxhdrm

    I concur. unfortunately because it’s an international convention so there are folks with kids grown up that they no longer have to support or others who have yet to have kids. I don’t believe they are pandering to family’s any longer. I got the feeling last year that they gear things toward single geeky people, those without kids and perhaps older people with grown up kids. If I may suggest the radical…use Black Friday (now more like grey Thursday) to get deals for the kiddos as much as possible to save money. Divide and conquer. enlist family and split the stores. Outside of that, save our pennys. The wife and I have been putting money away here and there in preparation. Be a savvy shopper right now finding any deals you can. There are BF websites that have almost all the ads posted as well as the retailers own websites already have them posted. The only upside to getting in for this year is that after your badges, we’ve got about 6 months to save up for exclusives, artists and goodies.

  • maxhdrm

    I think as much as we’d like open registration, happening this close to xmas and/or Black Friday will create a backlash and CCI will change their mind deciding to wait until after this year. I’d like to say that it’s too much to ask from Con-Goers but there are those wiling to go into debt to achieve those tickets.

  • maxhdrm

    what WOULD be nice is if CCI would behave like a professional business and give out the date far enough in advance to allow people time to budget their expenses for open registration. There’s also a good chance that what is posted on their website is a type-o, or they give us some lame excuse like “We meant a fiscal year not calendar year” which could still put open in January/February.

  • CCI has never used the “four badge sales in a year” verbiage – we’re using it because CCI has confirmed that Open Registration for SDCC 2018 will take place before the end of the year (and both Returning Reg/Open Reg for 2017 took place earlier this year). That = 4 badge sales for SDCC in a year. We’re not counting WonderCon.