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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and Simpsons: Season 13 DVD Are Set to Premiere at SDCC

Two new announcements on the DVD front today.

First, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse was revealed to be the next film in the DC Animated Direct-to-DVD line of movies. Releasing on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 28, 2010, the movie follows the comic arc of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman mentoring Supergirl before she is kidnapped by Darkseid and forced into becoming the new leader of the Female Furies. Bruce Timm has previoulsy stated that Comic-Con will have a panel all about the DCAU line of films so an official SDCC announcement and premiere trailer is expected at that panel. Take a look at the box art below and head over to Newsarama for more details!

Second, Fox just announced that The Simpson’s 13th Season DVD will be available at SDCC a month before it’s official release. All the sets sold at Comic-Con will also include a collectible limited edition lithograph for free. Most people agree that the show has been steadily declining in quality, but it still has many dedicted fans that are sure to want to pick this up. (Source: TV Squad)

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