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Autograph Schedule Among Updates Posted to Official Comic-Con Site

The “Countdown to Comic-Con” continues, with a mere four days until Preview Night! We can hardly believe it ourselves, and we can’t wait to be on that jumbo jet, San Diego bound.

The folks at Comic-Con International, organizers for the big show, can’t wait to see all of us either, and they’ve been unveiling news and schedules on a daily basis leading up to the con which have been making the wait to opening night just that much more unbearable. Thanks, CCI. We appreciate the tease!

The latest batch of updates contain things for fans and artists alike. For all the otaku attending, check out the all-night Anime screening schedule held annually in the Marriott Marquis & Marina. For cinema buffs and future filmmakers, be sure to drop in the Comic-Con Independent Film Festival, which is also in the Marriott Marquis & Marina hotel. For Family Day on Sunday, treat your kids to short films for all ages at the Comic-Con International Children’s Film Festival in room 9 of the convention center

For artists trying to break into the industry, make sure you sign up for a Portfolio Review and get your art critiqued by industry professionals and get answers to your questions on how to take it to the next level.

But the one thing that makes Comic-Con so cool is the accessibility of celebrities. Whether you catch them wandering the show floor, guesting at an exhibitor booth, or the personal touch of an autograph session, nothing makes attendees more excited than to exchange a few words of praise with their favorite stars of the page or screen.

That’s why the unveiling of  the autograph schedule for Sails Pavilion has most of us jumping up and down with anticipation for next week. You’re sure to find someone worth the wait in line, as the list of celebrities attending is pretty extensive. Check out the schedule and find out when and where you have to be in order to snag a Comic-Con moment to remember. A word: Many exhibitors are holding their own autograph schedules, such as Warner Bros. and Dark Horse. Check the individual exhibitor schedules for these autograph events.

It seems as if CCI is having trouble getting these new schedules added to the MySCHED app, so if you are using that to organize your weekend, be patient! They will update everyone via Twitter and Facebook, and of course we’ll retweet as soon as we see that it’s been fixed.

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